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Nao Seal Breakers Stream

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When the dawn rises on the rebirth of Nao there will is bound to be a race to break the Seal Stones. It will be a sad time for me, for seeing Kit's name at Dugald Aisle is nostalgic of my years playing Mabinogi. According to the WIki, when Mabinogi came to NA there was only one Server: Nao. Later Ruari and Tarlach would be created, and Nao would be renamed to Mari (EU would be made and then moved to NA, then of course there's Alexina). So now there will be a new generation of Seal Breakers.
If the update goes as scheduled, and if I can get there on time, I will be logging on for the (re)debut of Nao and streaming the breaking of the Seal Stones.
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  • SikelhSikelh
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    Nope. Instead the update ended hours early so anyone hoping to hop on then instead of staying up into the wee hours of the night and trying to log in every couple minutes lost any hope of getting a seal break.
  • HollyBlueAgateHollyBlueAgate
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  • RheyRhey
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    Everyone who wanted a fair shot @ seals got Nexon'd.

  • UnessentialUnessential
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    Yeah, I set my alarm way early too... just to find the mabinogi announcement said the maintenance already completed =(