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Newbie in need of help stuck in a G7 quest.

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in Alexina Chat
Hello! First time posting in the forums ~
I'm stuck in a quest called "Taunes's Request" because it requires something inside a dungeon which must be done by a giant to complete it. I had a hard time looking for help in-game and someone told me to find help in the forums. I hope i have better luck in here.
Sorry for my bad grammar, english is not my native language.



  • duckmanduckman
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    That must be for the snow dungeon with the snowflake pass I'm guessing (been awhile) I have a giant character but never play it so I doubt I would be of any help. Sorry
  • NegumikoNegumiko
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    the snowflake pass is a random drop from you chest at the end of the dungeon. take a giant with you when you enter snowflake dungeon mode, it is very important that the giant beats the boss Wendigo using a Ice Pole which can be obtained in the boss room while fighting him (humans and elves can't use the Ice Pole). when the giant finishes the boss with the Ice Pole it make the Mirror Witch boss appear which you have to defeat yourself cause the quest only counts it if your character finishes her.
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