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An old dog up for adoption?

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edited June 7, 2019 in Guild and Party Recruitment
New servers, so I'd like to try to meet new peeps in this new collaborative environment.

I'll keep an eye on the market for the guild among other thing like sharing/first dibs on gacha stuff when I do pulls.

I'll also give discounts on gears I occasionally make and wanna pawn away after I'm done testing them out to members before merching it off to anyone else outside.

I'll try to help do runs or raids if I'm up to it whenever I log in and there is one going on.

I understand wanting an uber-active tight knit player, but I'm asking to be considered like an accessory member. I'll make you look good but not really needed for the core get-up. Basically, plz don't force me to commit to a dedicated guild Sns and/or let me play Mabi according to my own schedules. I'll come around to rub shoulders once in a while. I won't be anti-social the entire time nor will I run away. Unless it just gets too hostile.

Ps. Free flashy dyes if U need/want any I'm not selling off. I'll also keep an eye out on any particular colors of interests for members.