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So whats high in demand these days?

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in Nao Chat
I've come back after 3 years and i'm completely out of the loop when it comes to the mabinogi economy, so what sells a lot cause i could use some money even though i had a good 3 mill saved up way back when, but i know it won't last forever.


  • HisahimeHisahime
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    Gacha, reforges
    Personally if you don't want to just spend irl money, I'd recommend doing runs of Shadow Wiz or Lords because those give good rewards.
  • WliaWlia
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    3 milion
    well you will need like
    300 milions now..
    but yea anything thats new in Gacha and sometimes reforges
  • HisahimeHisahime
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    I think crafting might still be of some help, like good quality crafted weapons?
  • FluoretteFluorette
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    edited June 9, 2019
    The Composition and Music Theory skill books and the Manus-Brand Disinfectant from the Courcle Exploration Journals. High demand, but very low supply. Requires you to go to different areas of the Courcle region and excavate artifacts with the L-rod (can also be done with the demi-god transformation, but you'll have to stop and touch the statues in some places, which takes up time on it). I would not recommend this unless you have the time and patience for it, though. In addition to this, it's not very exciting if you prefer action, plus it requires inventory space.

    Update - Here are other ways to earn items that "sell a lot":

    • Farm for other "rare" books with low supply through dungeon-ing or fishing
    The Innocence of the Lute and My Nubes Meditation Method have a possibility of being obtained from the end chest of Karu Forest Dungeon Normal. Cor Meditation Method Research -Beginner- has a possibility of being obtained from the end chest in Barri Basic, or by fishing in Avon. Cor Meditation Method Research -Intermediate- can be obtained from fishing in the Beach of Scathach. The Heartbox: Sound of the Instrument (VERY RARE) and The True Value of Mental Rest can be obtained by fishing in Port Cobh.
    You can also farm for other rare items obtained from dungeons, such as the Hellhound Skull from Math Advanced.

    • Pick up materials earned from reward chests at the end of Elite (and some Hard) mode Shadow Missions (Borealis Crystal, Runestone of Daring, Infernal Blade Fragment, etc.) and sell them.
    Note that you'll need an Expert Talent (it can be any Talent) in order to access Hard Shadow Missions. (This is not necessary for Elite missions, however.)

    • Have a daily Gathering quest that requires you to collect ingredient items (potatoes, corn, and eggs)?
    Keep the ingredients and turn them in for Holy Water by doing the Church part-time jobs through Endelyon (who accepts eggs), Kristell (who accepts eggs and potatoes), James (who accepts corn and eggs), and Collen (who accepts corn and potatoes). Sell the Holy Water. If you have a Life Skill Talent, you earn more Holy Water upon completion of the part-time job vs. with a non Life Skill Talent. Note that some of the aforementioned NPCs will accept other ingredient items (barley, wheat, apples, etc.) that don't have a daily Gathering quest.

    • Hit trees with honeycombs attached to them in Corrib Valley
    Collect the honeycombs, then harvest them. Sell the wax you obtain from the combs in stacks of 30. Wax is required for a skill quest.

    • Go mining
    Collect ore and use Refining to turn them into ingots. Try to aim for at least a stack of ingots (20) and sell them. Ingots of every type of metal (iron, copper, silver, gold, and mythril) are required for a skill quest. This works better if you have have a Hidden Mine Pass for Barri Dungeon, which allows you access to a mine with higher copper, silver. It can be obtained from doing Sion's part-time job at least 3 times. On the other hand, mythril can be earned from the Mythril Mine in Generation 2, Barri Advanced, and by discovering ore deposits (via the L-rod) within the Connous Underground Maze or the Solea cave.

    • Go Commercing
    Do a lot a commerce, earn a lot of Ducats, and turn them in for skill books with low supply such as Pitfalls of Composition, A Composer's Life, and Unknown Song Vol. 1 from Yvona. Sell them.
    If you don't like Commerce, you will probably want to avoid this.

    • Earn Adventurer Seals through daily quests
    You can over 30 in day by doing various quests throughout Erinn per character. The seals can be traded through between all of your account's characters via the bank. Earn up enough to buy items such as materials (sold through the Seal Merchant on Monday for various seal prices), the "rare" Exploration Journal Page 4 (sold on Tuesdays for 30 seals), and the Royal Knight Armor (sold on Saturdays for 350 seals). Sell them.

    • Make use of the Squire system
    Send your squire(s) out on missions and build their stats. The higher their stats, the better the missions they can take on. One of the very last missions (since the system was last updated) yields 20,000-ish(?) gold (per successful run) and you can send a Squire out to do it twice a day. Even better, you earn Baltane Seals, which can be exchanged for rewards boxes from Shuan. Through these, there's a chance that you can obtain rare materials such as the Ancient Magic Crystal and the Ancient Golden Crystal (the latter sells for quite the amount of gold!)
    Note that building up your Squire(s) takes a lot of time and dedication. You have to routinely check on them as well.

    Keep in mind that a lot of these are time-consuming and can be tedious in their own ways. But hey, no pain, no gain.

    Alternatively, instead of selling items, you could partake in the Erinn Martial Arts Tournament in Avon. Completion of each round yields EXP and gold rewards. You'll want to bring a good party with you. Also, you may have to run to the bank every few runs depending on how much gold your bags/inventory can carry. ;)

    There's other ways to earn gold in this game and probably better ways, too, but this is what I can think of at the moment.
  • aef8234aef8234
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    edited June 9, 2019
    Hisahime wrote: »
    I think crafting might still be of some help, like good quality crafted weapons?

    Yes but most of the sought after items that you can craft need sought after mats that come from endgame content.

    But it is extremely profitable if you buy the mats yourself, the problem is the high upfront cost, and the "99% =/= 100%" thing.

    I guess potions are still profitable, the problem I'm already seeing is there's a lot of potion makers, so the supply/demand balance is going to get massively skewed to supply.
  • NemurikoAlexinaNemurikoAlexina
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    Not sure if you've checked after merge, but on Nao, since the merge, there's been a tremendous amount of competition among skill-book suppliers, so the prices of books have dropped drastically, and the market's so flooded with them that they're no longer worth your time. Everyone's undercutting everyone else's prices because only the cheapest books sell.

    There are countless other ways to make money, but I'm afraid I can't share any with you. My advice is to browse the auction house, notice what people are selling, and check whether things actually sell or not. After a few days of spectating you should be aware of what sells quickly, and what is profitable.
  • FluoretteFluorette
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    edited June 10, 2019
    Oops, I haven't checked the Library tag in days. Scratch that.

    For some side money, you could "sell" MabiNovels that you write and collect the check at the end of the month, post-maintenance. With three servers combined, there's now a larger audience to present them to which should result in more transcribing. Doesn't have to be anything sincere either (but I'd encourage it :p) since players typically write joke stories and even one-liners.
    There's a bit of an issue going on with certain functions in it, but it still seems to be usable.
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    edited June 10, 2019
    Over Rank 5 food also seems to be popular.
  • Juliet1972Juliet1972
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    edited December 27, 2019
    OK I have been spamming Barri Basic since like forever but the Cor BEGINNER Book just isn't being Rewarded...tell me if you have it.

    BOTH Servers please.

    UPDATE: Wouldn't you know it, I got THAT Book with a Friend after writing this but now I need the next one (by Fishing in Scathach) which might take ages. Also, I either need The Good Son book to rank my Cooking to 7 or wait until Sunday for a Training Seal.

    Caligirl of Alexina.