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S> items and looking to buy as well

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edited July 11, 2019 in Nao Marketplace
new items for sale make offers i dont bite. i will most likely accept most offers


#44B606 Green Music Dye x8 25k ea
#44B606 Green Wand Dye x4 25k ea
#44B606 Green Spirit Weapon Dye x6 25k
#44B606 Green Metal Dye x4 400k ea

Gamyu Wizard Robe Armor F 500k
gamyu Wizard Armor Shoes F 100k
Valencia's Cross Line Plate Armor F 2m
Dragon Abyss Gauntlet G 5.5m (R1 Mirage Missile Effect Range 8 level)

kitty Gloves x2 15 k ea
Smilin' Flight Cap x2 15 k ea
Astin cap x2 4k ea
Astin Shoes 2k
Astin Gloves 5k
Star shaped Magician Outfit M x4 15k ea
Star Shaped Magican Outfit Fx4 15k ea
Justice Suit F 2m
2012 Premium Winter Newbie Wear 1.5m
Starlight Robe x2 15k ea
Stripped Swimsuit M x2 15k ea
Astin Dashing Suit M x3 15k ea
Stripped Swim Trunks 15k
Stripped Swimsuit F 15k
Star shaped large brimmed magician hat 15k
Macaron Mistress Hat 50k

Dyeable Falcon Wings -18m
Mint Lovely Cupid Wings 1.7m

Fireball Page 1 20k
Fireball Page 2 x2 5k ea
Ice Spear Page 3 2k
Obsidian ES 50k
Strong ES 50k