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Suggestion: Let Us Move The Bingo Button?

Mabinogi Rep: 18,330
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edited June 21, 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions
Hello! I'm certain that many people would agree that the Bingo Button used for gacha is extremely annoying. Many would like it removed, but there is a middle ground to this that probably wouldn't require too much work (?)
Maybe instead of outright removing it, we can instead move the button to a better location similar to what some events do. (Ex. the Darrig Event happening right now)

While it is indeed annoying, I myself have found a problem with the placement of it;
When reading a MabiNovel, you can't press the.. uh.. End-Exit-Leave button.



(Yeah... sorry about the Mana.. I didn't realize it until now and I'm too lazy to fix it)

You can also see that it still blocks it when you have your Menu expanded or collapsed.
While you could just press Esc. to exit the window.. It just doesn't make sense that something would block the button in the first place.
I'm certain that other things are affected by this too if anyone wants to chime in with some more examples, but this is just what I found.

So I guess this thread could theoretically be in the Bugs & Glitches section but I thought it'd be easier to let us just move the thing. :p
Thank you for your time!

IGN: Mizuli
Server: Nao (Formerly Mari)


  • HelsaHelsa
    Mabinogi Rep: 21,550
    Posts: 4,935
    Seconded. Let us be able to dock it anywhere we want.

    And, while we're at it, let us also be able to move each individual hotkey bar affixed to the top left corner and center-ish of the screen, or at least allow us to choose between a horizontal or vertical layout of them affixed to the top left corner of the screen. My issue is mostly with the "new" one near the middle top of the screen. It gets in the way so I leave it blank and, as such, it is not providing any utility for me.

  • DanievictriaDanievictria
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,695
    Posts: 313
    I third this. I mean, I get it, Big Daddy Nexon needs more money for fur-trimmed coats with matching hats, rings for every hand, and fancy canes that probably conceal a sword of some sort, but cool it with the big, yellow sticker. Not only does it block some UI elements, but it also doesn't blend in well with anything in the game. Where's the graphic designer responsible for this thing? BURN THEM AT THE STAKE!!!

    ...Ahem, jokes aside, yeah, they need to either shrink the yellow sticker, let us minimize it, or let us move it out of the way. It's kind of obnoxious.
  • MusicatMusicat
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,320
    Posts: 285
    edited June 23, 2019
    Wanted to make that suggestion in relation with MabiNovel like 4 days earlier, you were first though. And you probably explained it better than I ever could. I'm up for that change too. If I'm not mistaken, there was some similar unmovable button during some winter event, but it might have been a couple inches aside, because I can't recollect any collisions. Besides, I always thought MabiNovels must cover (be on top of) such buttons as well as other UI parts.
  • LunapixieLunapixie
    Mabinogi Rep: 340
    Posts: 9
    I think this would be a wonderful fix because it blocks items on inventory and when an item is obtained it blocks the 'close' option as well depending on the rendering of the screen. It's happened before and for those of us who don't buy gatcha literally ever, it would be nice if the option was collapsible like the coin menu or movable like it as well.
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
    Mabinogi Rep: 34,675
    Posts: 7,898
    How about add another bar for all these pretty all these buttons like in most of other games, giving us the function to view or hide the bar.
    And that said, if skills had one as well, that would also be nice.
  • keetakeeta
    Mabinogi Rep: 415
    Posts: 3
    edited June 27, 2019
    or add it under the cash shop button like they did with the skills/action panes. that bingo button is seriously in the way.