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Golden pumpkin sword

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edited January 30, 2017 in Alexina Chat
Hello , today i saw in dun market which was ourside the walls , car market or what ever :v , i saw golden pumpkin sword , i was about to buy it (600k) but i was busy , then about 10 min later , i returned to get it , i did not find it , it is not sold , its owner removed it , i think
Plz tell me if u found that man :/


  • Kimo159Kimo159
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,810
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    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    There is no such item with the name, "Golden Pumpkin Sword"; and the 'car market' on the wall... those are called Kiosks. ☺

    If you meant, "Royal Pumpkin Rapier"; you can buy it from a Seal Merchant (on Wednesdays) for 240 Adventure Seals. ☺

    Be easy , man :v , and thank you for these notes
    [Deleted User]