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Opinions of Tech Duinn Missions?

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edited August 11, 2019 in General Chat
I was curious as to other players' opinions about the Tech Duinn Missions.
They're kind of annoying in my opinion, and Elite is something I feel useless in, even after having every skill ranked to 1 or higher. (Feth Fiada's zombie hallway is the worst offender)
But if you want to level up your Techniques past level 4, you'll need Briogh crystals which come from these missions.

So though I don't really care for the Missions, I'll need to do them eventually if I don't want to stick at level 4 Techs forever, so I was wondering which ones people like the most, or at the least dislike the least?
  1. Which is Favorite Tech Duinn Mission?9 votes
    1. Feth Fiada
       22% (2 votes)
    2. Revived Illusion
       0% (0 votes)
    3. Seven Nightmares
       0% (0 votes)
    4. Awakened Abyssal Lord
       78% (7 votes)


  • VeylaineVeylaine
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    edited August 11, 2019
    I haven't done seven nightmares at all, if it wasn't for lazer donut constant damage I'd choose it over balor and balors theme is the floor is lava and you takes tons of damage. abyssal lord is probably the easiest in my opinion. more alch skills besides sand burst work there ( yes sand can work on the witches and black moon mages ). Being able to freeze and shock makes it easy the real hard part of abyssal lord is the bastion if your team can't time it right and the boss.

    I'd have to say abyssal lord overall, because the aggro isn't as dumb as balor or lazer donut and the fights before the boss are manageable with alchemy. Only downside it probably takes the longest, but given how much often balor and lazer donut attack those two could take longer if you die a lot. Pets also survive a bit more in kraken than balor with those fire circles not killing them all the time.

    The little baby krakens are numerous but they are relatively chill in terms of aggro than other mobs of the techs. only thing annoying is their jump skill that is like a flimsy raging spike/climatic crash.

    EDIT: forgot to mention that krakens hit box is weird, sometimes FS/FH can hit it from afar while bash you have to be up close, also where kraken deals most of its damage when you're up close to it. Also Rexs attacks are bit more manageable to avoid with balor just slam dunking everyone , or the donut just zapping every 2 secs. Krakens attack are a bit slower and none of them trap anyone unless you're attacking the the legs before fighting Rex for real but just fighting the head you can dodge the attacks.

    In conclusion without having tried seven nightmares at all. I think abyssal lord is more manageable save for the first part which is arguably the most DPS reliant part of the mission especially on higher diffs. the boss fights don't feel as fast paced as the other two so it gives a bit of breathing room.

    EDIT again: forgot that in the deception reach coral forest some fights can be skipped by using phantasmal sight, I don't do the mech myself but my friends say they use to find hidden darrigs to skip some fights in that part.
  • RaishiiRaishii
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    If you have the money, you can also buy the crystals. They're almost always up on the AH.