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Fortune Telling Skill

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edited August 19, 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions
I was just randomly musing, and I thought of a really fun skill that could be added to the game: The Fortune Telling Skill.

It would be placed under either Magic or Adventure, or as a Hidden skill that's unlocked when you reach Apprentice Mage and Apprentice Adventurer.

The skill itself could either be based on palm reading or require either a crystal ball or a deck of Tarot cards to use. The user would be able to divine either their own fortune or that of another player, with the chance of success being based on the skill's level (Novice would have a measly 1% success rate, while r1 would have a 70% success rate because, as Kira said in The Dark Crystal, "Prophets don't know everything."). If the skill is successful (indicated by a message that reads, "You get a strong feeling about this prediction"), it will put an invisible buff on the character it was used on for 6-12 gameplay hours (pausing when logged off of that character) that guarantees that if the conditions for the predicted event are met, it will come true. If the prediction comes true successfully, both the fortune teller and the client will get a message declaring the success of the prediction. If a prediction fails to come to pass, the fortune teller and client will get a message that the prediction didn't come to pass. There would also be a chance to not see anything at all (95% chance for Novice, 10% chance for r1), which would count as a failed prediction for training purposes.

An example of how this would work is as follows:

Jimmy goes to Alice to get his fortune read. Alice uses the Fortune Telling skill on Jimmy and predicts that his next trip into a dungeon will yield a rare treasure. Alice gets the "You get a strong feeling about this prediction" message, indicating a successful reading. Now, the ball is in Jimmy's court.

Scenario A: Enthused by Alice's prediction, Jimmy goes to run Karu Forest dungeon and finally gets that skill book he was looking for. Both Alice and Jimmy get a message that says the prediction came true, and Alice gets a point toward the "Get a successful prediction" training requirement for the skill.

Scenario B: Jimmy decides not to run a dungeon for the next 6-12 hours of his gameplay time, since he could care less and would rather AFK with his shiny new wings. The time on the invisible buff lapses and Alice gets a message that her prediction was evaded by free will (Giving her a point toward, "Fail to predict the future"), while Jimmy gets a message that says, "You have defied the threads of fate" or something like that, indicating that he evaded the prediction.

Achievements/titles that could be associated with this could include:

Achievement: "Prophets Don't Know Everything" -- Fail 1000 predictions.

Title: "Master of His/Her Own Fate" -- Evade a successful prediction.

Title: "Oracle" -- Get 1000 successful predictions.

Title: "Fraud" -- Get 1000 failed predictions.

Title: "Psychic Friend" -- Get 5000 successful predictions.

Title: "The Defiant" -- Evade 1000 predictions.

Title: "The Fated" -- Have 10 predictions made about you come true.

All in all, I think it would be a fun little side thing. And, not all of the predictions would be about getting rare drops or anything. Some of them would be things like getting a lucky bonus, getting a long string of crafting failures or successes, having a random item fall on your character's head that causes them to lose a certain amount of HP (and to avoid it you would have to stay away from where that thing could fall on you, like stay away from trees to keep from having a branch fall on your head), getting the winning ticket at the weekly banquet, getting hit by lightning during a storm, fishing up a big catch (or catching 100 junk items in a row while fishing), having a bird poop on your head, finding an empty chest with an IOU in it at the end of a dungeon run, having enemies that don't normally multi-agro gank you if you hit one of them (like the lions in Iria for example...*evil grin*), etc. It could be a fun way to inject some extra flavor into the game and encourage more player interaction without the stink of forced co-op.
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  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    The Festia NPC should teach the skill.
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    The Festia NPC should teach the skill.

    Mabinogi designed Tarot cards should be physical merch as well. They'll probably sell as hot as the Maplestory merch...