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yuwi's commissions(open)(new commission type added

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edited October 6, 2019 in Art Creations
1. i’ll ask for payment after the final sketch is done,right before working on it

2. personal use only/ i’ll charge more for overdetailed characters, extra stuff like wings,armor etc. (usually it’s like 5 usd added to the Price,but it may depend based on your reference btw if you don’t want to pay extra Price i can just simplify it no problem)

3. References (only pictures) on good quality please like color and stuff , your char’s personality can be helpful too
(yes: a decently sized reference enough to see all the details you want me to see(?) + specific colors ) ( no: a blury phone pic )

4. NO backgrounds /no mechas / no nsfw (sex) / hardcore gore / no pedophilia

5. YES armors/ yes furries/ yes fanservice (including nudity (;) / yes lowkey gore and violence /yes any ship you want /yes any fandom

6. i won’t edit the picture after the lineart is done so be really specific and straight to the point.( if you seem too indecisive and picky i’ll have to cancel the commission :< )

7. Also please don´t talk to me about personal stuff ( i know this is a weird rule but it has happened before and i feel uncomfortable about it, Sorry about that (,: )

Contact info:

- Yuwi#2489 discord
(i’m always looking at discord so this is the fastest way i can reply to you, feel free to ask any questions i’ll do my best to a reply)

Extra info:

- extra characters added are the same price as the first character

- I usually take like a week or two to finish stuff, if i’m having issues i’ll let you know

- i’ll notify you on all the steps (sketch-lineart-color etc.) but you can ask anytime

- if you’re interested on furrys i don’t have many examples sorry about that xD

- i said no backgrounds but i can throw a flat color in there or a geometric figure if you want me to no extra Price so just ask

more recent examples:

thanks for looking!