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Naos First consert at the new hall!

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edited September 20, 2019 in Nao Chat

I would say the audiance was pretty big to start off and it keeps getting bigger :D


  • MiliardoMiliardo
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    edited September 23, 2019
    Balloon was in the way which is why this shot is so lowkc0jXe0.jpg
    Yeah the image turned out too low quality for the names, sorry about that.USxbWVG.jpg
    Learned a lot from this first concert, like that its probably better to use jam session with pure music mode instead of freestyle jam. The music was very quiet with freestyle. Idk why they didn't just design it so it played full volume for anyone in the audience.
  • AlalaroseAlalarose
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    Nearing the end now!
  • CalmmindedCalmminded
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    Appreciate the screenshots. We learned a lot from doing this for the first time. Going to try Jam Session Party next time and try to work on fixing the music up. Should be more ensembles. Looking at playing again Oct 25th. Thanks.