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Looking for a guild with european-like timezones

Mabinogi Rep: 400
Posts: 8
in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hi there

Thing is, I find it hard to play along guilds since our timezones are so different, so I would like to find one that has at least a few numbers of people a similar one to me.


  • AtaraxizAtaraxiz
    Mabinogi Rep: 6,900
    Posts: 664
    My guild has a decent population of EU players. You're welcome to try us out! It's not our most active time, but we're working with our EU mods to bring more EU friendly activities! You can find our thread here!
  • MuaaMuaa
    Mabinogi Rep: 945
    Posts: 13
    Hello Biobreaker,
    im Muaa from ex-mari-now-nao-server and im actually looking for east coast players too, or european or asian players, or klingon, horde, imperial or rebells ...or aliens at same time zone, friends or foes im fine, im not picky ...and if it is not impossible, is obnoxiously difficult to find active players around this nice frozen ocean we have (aka lagatlantic) so... we're looking for the same people i guess.. please let me know if you already found any... active, and alive, while everybody sleeps, work or whatever they do irl instead of being with us in this wonderful world.
    Regards Muaa ~the elf~