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B/S> Various Things & Stuff (Updated 4/19)

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edited April 19, 2017 in Mari Marketplace
Please send all NOTES to Alisandrea, reply here to the thread, or send me a forum PM; I will likely not accept random friend requests!

Caswyn Wig F : 750k
Braided Pigtail Wig with Charms (F) : 2m or NMO

Defender of Justice Shopping Bag Coupon (x3) : 750k each

Speedy Demonic Solitude Knuckles (r1 reforge) : 300k

Fireball 8 : 200k or NMO
Shock 1 (expired) : NMO
Shock 2 (expired): NMO
Shock 3 (expired) : NMO
Shock 6 (expired) : NMO
Shock 9 (expired) : NMO
Shock 10 (expired) : NMO

Shuriken Mastery TP x2 : 80k each

Jabchiel's Music Score 3 (x2) : NMO

Flashy Metal Dye Ampoules : 100k
- yellow+white slow pulse

I'm almost always selling various colors of fixed solid dyes. Feel free to note me for specific shades.
Prices not final.

Normal Colors : 15-50k based on hex
Neons/Darks : 100-200k
Near Whites (near equal ~200s RGB) : 100-250k
Greys (near equal RGB) : 30-50k
Pure White (#FFFFFF) : 1m ~ 0 AVAILABLE
Pure Black (#000000) : 1.25m ~ 0 AVAILABLE

Currently on hiatus from buying dyes/jars! Leaving this section here for future reference.

I'm almost always buying jars and dyes. If you're interested in being a constant supplier, feel free to note me in-game or PM me on the forums with your info.
Prices not final.

Glittering Dye Jars : 7.5k each MAIL ~ 2+ days required on timer
Single Flashies/"junk" colors : 7.5k each MAIL

Anti-Fomor Uniform F : 2.5m or NMP
Playful Laced Corselet : NMP
Frilly Ribbon Corset : NMP
Desert Soldier Camo Uniform M : 1m
Desert Soldier Training Fatigues F : 10m or NMP
Desert Soldier Combat Boots : NMP

Trinity Shoes 4/4 : NMP
Colin Plate Helmet : NMP
Colin Plate Gaunlet : NMP
Colin Plate Boots : NMP