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Potential Ice Fishing Event Glitch?


  • YaranaikaYaranaika
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    Huw wrote: »
    Yaranaika wrote: »
    3rdy wrote: »
    wasent there also a limit to how meany people can get a bag to?

    how much you wana bet they didant reset that limit :P

    Isn't this something nexon should state when they release events like this? Everyone wonders if this bag even exists, like I go ham on every event and have been for years since they mentioned this black bag and no matter the thousands and thousands of things i open or things i do i've never seen it all these years or heard anyone get it lol. It's always just "yeah i'm sure someone got it"

    This is why people resort to duplicating items. Even if said Vigilante is doing heroic work for others, it shouldn't be commended and therefore punishment will still be swiftly given out. Instead, equality for all should be prioritized by the company. Hopefully the black bag drop rate is just a bug and one will be issued as a compensation fix to all those that participated in the event, though make it un-tradable, even via drop trade like the Aeria bookbag so ign merchants can't "qq" / "buW mAh prOfiTs"

    They wouldn't do anything of the sort because the Black Bag has been out for so many years and not once again like i said in my last post I've NEVER seen it but only a few people are hard that they have "Heard" of it but never seen it for themselves. Last time we had a black bag event a thread like this popped up and someone posted some old ass funky looking screenshot of someones system log but it wasn't theirs so I have no idea if it exists. Playing so many years, opening hundreds and hundreds or in one of the events in the past at least a thousand of whatever event is going on and getting absolutely nothing is absurd. But Nexon won't bother commenting on it.
  • GretaGreta
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    I'm pretty sure i have already opened over 2000 old fish traps throughout these events and i can say that i gave up and forgot the thought of getting one.