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[KR] (Update) Pet Feng Dang Update


  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    edited January 22, 2020
    Part Two:

    *Google Translated
    Magmel New Dungeon Four Seasons Forest Update!
    Get Pins Beads to make your Pin Pets stronger!

  • JerryBlazeJerryBlaze
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    This seems like its going to be alot of fun, just think, these pet taming changes will let us be able to roleplay as a Beast Master class character :D

    More importantly, seeing the changes their devoting into the Pet system gives me hope that they might have improvements for the Partner Pets as well. i know i'd love to be able to make my Maid Partner stronger by means other then simply using a stat training tool for random stat point increases like we currently have.
    Frankly it be neat if we could personally teach our own skills to our Partners - and then have to encourage them to raise those skill sets up - obviously there would need to be a means of balancing this mechanic - means such as a skill cap on how high we can teach our partners to raise said skills to and that these learnt skills couldn't be transferred via the "rebirthing" would just be some of the more obvious means of keeping such an idea from being- ah heck who am i kidding, someone would find a way to make this idea OP anyways, but given later content in the game, what could be considered OP in Generation 6 is like the standard needed just to "survive" in generation 23. and besides, if we spend real money to get these pets in the first place, we should be allowed Maximize their potential as we see fit. - not everyone has friends active that they can bring with them everywhere all the time after all. And of course there's also your solo player types who would benefit from this too.
    but i should cut with the rambling now while i'm ahead.
    We'll just have to see what the future holds in store for the rest of the pet system.