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Combo Card Event

Mabinogi Rep: 1,405
Posts: 59
edited February 5, 2017 in General Chat
Isn't it about time that nexon finally re-releases the event we got during the SAO events years ago where we could make custom combo cards? It's such an important part of characters, but anyone who wasn't playing during that time, or didn't have the foresight to make every conceivable combination is missing out on a ton of potential. I think that an event needs to come out that lets us make new ones, and possibly some new combo cards that include other skills that have come out such as ninja or bash. Players that have ones such as fire bolt or magnum shot have an enormous edge on those who didn't make one all that time ago.
  1. Should Nexon Re-Release a custom combo card event?14 votes
    1. Yes
       93% (13 votes)
    2. No
       7% (1 vote)


  • IyasenuIyasenu
    Mabinogi Rep: 24,265
    Posts: 2,887
    Ha, I for one wouldn't mind if the combo card system was changed so that instead of cards dropping, the drops were combo card pieces.

    I mean, it'd mean making that "event" take the place of how things are now, but...
    That'd be great.
  • NeynaNeyna
    Mabinogi Rep: 4,040
    Posts: 1,242
    I'd love the event to come back( or a new event like it).. I was new to the game when SAO came out so I didn't make any combo card at all..

    I'm hoping to make a Focused Fist CC (idm if it's below 40%) without needing to pay to make my own..
  • KokoroKokoro
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,155
    Posts: 289
    Yes it would be nice to have it back. But a 5x Bash combo card would be extra disgusting so I'm going to have to disagree on that point.
  • AeolysAeolys
    Mabinogi Rep: 5,115
    Posts: 469
    I don't like combo cards at all. The randomness of Combo Cards makes most of them bad. This event made them good-ish since we pick what we want. There is also a thing where the custom Combo Cards are weaker than dropped combo cards and the expiration of the cards makes it feel it's not so worth it... so... eh...