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Add a Spirit Awakening Action

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in Feedback and Suggestions
Now I don't want the seperate skills to go away, because having them hotkeyed seperately is useful too, but I'd like 1 hotkey that just uses the ego awakening of the ego I have equipped.

Something like this (i even recolored the icon for you ;D.) the idea being you only need 1 hotkey for spirit awakening instead of 3 seperate ones, and it just automatically uses the awakening for whatever ego is in your main-hand.

sort of how you can use the attack action to swing with whatever weapon you have equipped,

it would be really useful if you're trying to spam ego awakenings with the new technique.


  • AlshianAlshian
    Mabinogi Rep: 6,755
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    Id prefer they fix the percent display on Spirit awakening, even though I had already got it to 100% most cases that 100% is displayed as either 16~60% even though it is 100%
  • SqueeSquee
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    Honestly, most would equip the hotkeys for each of their spirit weapons into their attack hotkeys. For example, I have one set of hotkeys for pretty much every combat talent, and in my chain slash hotkeys, I added my chain slash awakening skill. In my magic tab, I added both of my spirit weapons awakenings (since I have a staff and a wand), so it's not a big deal to me. If you're organized enough, it isn't that big of a deal. Plus, you have to use one hotkey anyway for the spirit awakening, changing it won't really do that much.

    I don't know that they can do that though with the recent update. Each gauge works separately, and I don't think they work this idea without combining all the gauges into one gauge.