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Events/Sales Heads-Up! 2/26 & 2/27!

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in General Chat
Hey, Milletians, it's that time again! This week we're saying farewell to two events and two sales!

Starting off the events portion is the Valentine's Day Event. BEAR IN MIND THIS IS ENDING ON THE 26TH, NOT THE 27TH. This is the event where you stack coupons to get a gesture, so make sure you manually stack them. Auto-stack doesn't seem to work. Also, the coupons are bank-tradable so don't worry if you've gotten them on other characters.

Valentine's Day Event:

The second event ending this week on the 27th (with maintenance) is the Winter Painter Event. Make sure to turn in your Alain's Autographs in order to get some lovely Homestead Decorations like an aurora borealis or a nice painting!

Winter Painter Event:

For the sales portion, the 27th which is this Thursday marks the end of the Mystic Librarian Box and the Homestead Madness Shopkeeper's Sale! Make sure you get your last stacks of gacha before they're gone or your Homestead items before the prices go back up!

Mystic Librarian Box:
Homestead Madness Shopkeeper's Sale:

That's all for now! We should be hopefully seeing more Spring events coming our way with March approaching. Also, March 8th marks Spring Forward (WHHHHYYYY...?) which means we'll be setting our clocks forward here in the U.S. soon. Here's a cute and fluffy gif to end the post! Happy Gaming, everyone!



  • PolicromaPolicroma
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    Should be able to grab one more aurora before the end.
  • MagicmarioMagicmario
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    Posts: 6
    Thanks for the post~! Useful as always!
  • ServilliusServillius
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    Posts: 57
    Thank the heavens nobody uses daylight savings. Where we are, at least.
  • HelsaHelsa
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    Posts: 3,867
    It's not daylight savings that's the problem it's switching to it in the spring; nobody minds switching to standard time in the fall. If we are to go onto one permanently I'd prefer permanent daylight savings to permanent standard time; I'd rather have the extra hour of sunlight in the evening rather than the morning, since I'm neither an outdoors person, a farmer or a golfer.
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    edited February 26, 2020
    We're still waiting for the CA government to implement the end of daylight savings that was voted in a couple years ago. I think they have to submit which time they are going to use to the Federal government for approval.