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Hello and hi there!

The word Rebound could represent many things, but we like to refer it as to bounce back and that's just what we are! We are a guild that is returning from nothingness (We're a bunch of returning players) and hope to create new memories with more people. With the new name changes and whatnot, the guild was disbanded to be recreated so at the moment, the guild currently only has 4 members. The guild itself was established on November 8th of 2018.

We are a weird, fun, and loving group of individuals who are willing to run anything including shadow missions, raids, or even Girgashi. Not even just running things, but often times we would play Mafia or perform music too! We also play other games such as Terraria, Minecraft, Don't Starve Together, etc too. One of our biggest goal is to enjoy each other's company and just make Mabinogi more memorable for everyone!

If you have an other questions, you could add me on Discord (Jfry#0988) or in Mabinogi itself (Jfry). Often times, you can find me standing at Dunbarton Moongate or find me playing music in the square as well. We look forward to having your company and thankyou for taking the time to read this!


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    Jfry has been my friend for going on 3 years now, and he is an outstanding person and leader ♥ He's fun to hang around and I am so happy he's decided to return and bring back Rebound, a guild of fun and friendship ♥ If you're looking for something that's currently small and growing, this is the place for you! Add Jfry#0988 on Discord TODAY to join~