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Nerf Alban Knight Golem Heroic.

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in Feedback and Suggestions
1# Get rid of his ability to summon enemies.
2# Prevent it from spamming by giving it a cooldown and reduce speed of "Alban Golem Ambush", its too quick.
3# Reduce his damage to prevent players from dying from just one hit without seals.
4# Get this Alban Knight Golem to telegraph it's attacks if you ignore #3
5# Make the summoned mobs weaker if you ignore #1
6# Give it a long cooldown from summoning enemies if you ignore #1
7# If you ignore everything this boss is just too bullshit.

Its not "hard" Nexon/Devcat its Bullshit, unfair, unbalanced, and painfully stressful (not in a good way)

Its design is too awful.

-Advice and notes from wiki- Which you should fix and balance.

-Occasionally, he will repeatedly spam "Alban Golem Ambush". In higher difficulties, it is near impossible without a mounted pet or exceedingly high run speed to dodge it.
-Occasionally, his AI will bug and he won't switch. This causes it to be impossible to deal any damage to him on Hard/Heroic aside from using shock damage from Mirage Missile, the drain portion of Life Drain, Devil's Cry, Hydra Transmutation, Wings of Rage after effects, and the sustained damage from Dischord, or Shadow Spirit.

This boss looked like it can be a fun boss to fight but as it is now, its just a freaking annoying excuse of fake difficulty design with being bullshit.

You can't avoid it's "Alban Golem Ambush" with mobs that run faster than you interrupting you from avoiding damage, and your pet will get knocked too far to react in time to ride it with using mount speed.

The Amount of enemies in the boss room is too abundant that you can't fight the boss without dealing with these guys first but the worst part they just keep coming back because the Alban Knight Golem would just replace them in a matter of under a few seconds.

Fix this Nexon/Devcat.


  • SqueeSquee
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,565
    Posts: 201
    Half of this game is like this. Ever since G19, they've relied on poor design and really unbalanced gameplay. I can't say I've done the Training Grounds (I assume that's where this fight is from), because I lost my patience on the second floor and got tired of how tedious it felt.

    Honestly, a lot of bosses these days are tedious, unfair and really unbalanced. Just overall poor design. Just fixing this boss isn't enough. Nexon and Devcat need to go back to game dev school and relearn what makes a good game because the game has fallen pretty far because of the bad design choices as of late.
  • AlshianAlshian
    Mabinogi Rep: 7,065
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    I am aware of what you had given but at the very moment Alban Golem is on my mind right now...
  • MegasoulMegasoul
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,735
    Posts: 148
    Most late-to-endgame players just spam Final hit when the boss is red or Way of the gun if the boss is green (most ignore blue, and instead attempt to refresh the golem into one of the other two).

    Unless you're going for a solo run, both of those skills will perma-stunlock the golem and will likely kill it.

    Unfortunately Alban Golem on Heroic is alongside Rabbie Phantasm and Tech as the current "late-endgame" content and you need to be ready for it (it's probably the easiest of the three).

    The wiki actually also mentions a lot of the above; from my experience you should be able to kill the boss within 1 skill's cooldown if your team is really prepared or 2-3 FH/WoG cooldowns if you're not.
  • LutetiumLutetium
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    Posts: 239
    #4 is good and most of the new bosses do, but given Mabi's limitations and it's combat system, bosses need to have "bullshit mechanics" to add any semblance of difficulty to them, otherwise they're just stunlocked and the sponge HP is blown away without even having a chance of putting up a fight like 99% of the normal spawns. The damage immunity bug can be worked around with rain cast and sand burst + crisis escape but it should definitely be fixed.
    Now if there were more functional defensive skill options in Mabi (or just fix Evasion), maybe players wouldn't feel forced to have a chain on for a "dodge" that actually works (iframes), but that being said you can use Anchor Rush to dodge Balor's charges and fire pillars which both have some telegraphing time (but not his teleport grab, that's a trash mechanic that only exists to check if you have ms/vital surge on), Anchor Rush can also evade all of the lasers from the ring, which although subtle it does also telegraph if you pay attention to it's animations and when it stutters, and of course it can get you out of Cethlynn's very telegraphed scythes and be used to get out of his fireballs, make thunder strikes miss, and easily get out of range of ice spear during his casting animation.
    Those are all alright sans Balor's grab, but if you don't have a chain on you're going to be offended by those bosses because there aren't really any other defenses options except being a giant with a large shield and using defense to take no damage from Cethlynn's magic and the ring's lasers.

    The most recent boss, Kraken Rex, it's attacks are all telegraphed for several seconds before it actually does anything with big red lines and targets, or a long wind up animation for it's spitting which is canceled by summoning a pet bone/mir dragon/sheeptuplet/fallen fairy/ceraunus, literally the only challenge to that boss is the minions that knock you down which can be ignored by Iron Will or Wind Guard for giants or FH with an erg 50 sword on human to just splash stunlock and kill them so it's a complete joke of a "Boss" and no challenge what so ever outside of being spongey.

    Admittedly I didn't say a lot about the Alban Golem though, but there really isn't much to say about it because even though it has knockdown reduction from it's passive defenses a party can easily stunlock it against a wall regardless of what damage immunities it chooses and it will never retaliate via Pummel, Frenzy/gun normals and Firebolt/Hailstorm so its just a joke "boss" that can only be fought 3 times per day per character as soon as your party figures out how to lock it down.

    TL;DR: Game could use more defensive play to make bosses less offensive to people without chains equipped.
  • AlshianAlshian
    Mabinogi Rep: 7,065
    Posts: 1,230
    With my suggestion to 4# It should have adv stander like how the snowfield slayers have when they are going to do cleave. To avoid being canceled forcing players to disengage to safety or be punished for greedy DPS.
  • FroglordFroglord
    Mabinogi Rep: 7,020
    Posts: 337
    You know you could just cheese the boss by using Brionac (You may die a few times), then trapping it under a rank 1 cloud and hydra it.