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Recently Brought NX using my credit card but....

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in Item/Premium Shop
Hi Guys,
I recently brought NX just to get that VIP Service, the transaction went through and i am like sweet lets have some fun on this game. I played this game a few years back but since so much has happened i decided to start fresh on my new account, BAD IDEA i have chosen the talent that i found most interesting the new whip slasher and i am dong great through my quest UNTIL i needed to DROP a runestone to be able to access a dungeon and guess what? my account has a 7 day restriction on everything that involves trading, i simply cant access dungeons for 7 days i aint resetting my talent, i also dont plan on just losing 7 days of VIP!!! i am already highly dissapointed...


  • TiroTiro
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    if you talk to the statue of the goddess can you select the runestone?
  • CillianCillian
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    Tiro wrote: »
    if you talk to the statue of the goddess can you select the runestone?

    I'm having the same issue and no, you cannot enter dungeons by clicking the goddess either.
  • NekitsueNekitsue
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    What is this BS I was doing Gen 1 and now I'm stuck in Tir Na Nog or whatever cause I cant even finish my quest cause I cant drop items and touching the statue to select an item doesnt let me do that, can't sell things to npc cant do anything. I was just starting to get back into mabi too but I think I give up on this game