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Aren't they missing out on money?


  • SherriSherri
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    Elris wrote: »
    They could at least have a set time for them to be released. Like, pick a month, and if you're gonna bring them back that year, do it sometime in that month. It's better than waiting for them until you lose interest, taking a break from the game, and coming back to find out you literally JUST missed them. AGAIN.

    Yup, I missed them too.
    Recently made a friend too who recently started playing the game and I feel bad that she can't get any partners...
  • HabimaruHabimaru
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    Prime-Time for Retail-Businesses is usually in the months from September to December. The «Holidays» have something to do with it (considering that all «Holidays» are indeed and essentially Corporate). Also, the sales will usually be «timed» at a time when people are getting their pay-cheques, or company pay bonuses. It might seem counter-intuitive to you to not have all-year-round product-availability, but «rotation» is a common & proven, time-tested business-strategy, including when certain «themes» are promoted...

    Around this time of year, Candy Sales spike because of Halloween, so this is the time to be selling candies from your business if you have such a retail-business. The next month gets a spike in «Turkey» sales because of so-called Thanks-Giving... that would be the time for anybody running a food-store to stock up on extra Turkeys (and Stuffing). You get my drift ? If another movie/animé comes out with Maids/Butlers as themes or main characters, and happens to be popular, then, rest-assured, that would be a great time to promote Maids/Butlers, especially if clothing & hair-styles that match with the movie/animé happen to be available.

    The main issue there in the «collaboration» of the use of said characters is in the «licensing» fees and other such rules/regulations. Both the Hatsune Miku and the SAO Events must have cost a fortune to bring about in addition to being extremely highly limited with the SAO-related stuff being the strictest in terms of what Nexon was allowed to release & for how long... I do see this «Collaboration» stuff often being done in a web-browser game that I follow. I am truly amazed (perhaps even impressed) at the number of «whales» that game has (Note : «whale» - this term references the «mega-spenders» of any particular game who are likely/often responsible for at least 90% of the revenues for the game-company).

    I already made references in my previous post as to what I think Nexon could/should do to regain/maintain financial-viability for Mabinogi. For the most part, I do not see this title being discontinued any time soon, but, simultaneously, I still think they should do more advertising, perhaps even try contacting well-known publishers of popular animé-titles & see if it's possible to negotiate getting some new/upcoming animé-release to «feature» Mabinogi within its story-line. Like I had mentioned in a post, long ago, before all of my posts disappeared, you don't want to «waste your advertising $$$» on a general audience, but allocate it towards a targeted audience who would be receptive to «checking out» the/your game/product, and «animé» (everyone here has likely heard of SAO) watchers are much more likely to be interested in «checking out» an «animé-themed» MMORPG, than say, people who just want to see LeBron James surpassing Michael Jordan in live ESPN-footage.

    Better to advertise to a targeted audience of only 1000 people & get a conversion-rate that results in 37 sales rather than advertising to an audience of 1 million people whose interests have absolutely no interest in anything animé-related & resulting in a conversion-rate of only one sale, and yes, I am actually making reference to an actual entrepreneur's personal-experiences trying to sell his book before he died in a car-crash on a race-track. I wonder how many Mabi-players are business-owners though...
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    New sale starting.
  • KaibaAkayukiKaibaAkayuki
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    as a note i should add NO crossover event realted items.pets, etc. can be released again by nexon unless another event happens due to licensing. Nexon was given the licensing to use THAT company's product for a specified timespan. after which they can no longer make ANY money from the sale of related items
  • kai9kai9
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    Just came back after a year, still waiting to pay them for my commerce partner

    Come on guys, you made your point, it's rare i know, i'm begging