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Events/Sales Heads-Up! 4/16/20

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It's that time again, Milletians! This Thursday's maintenance marks a busy day in the sales and event areas! For starters, we're getting the Kemono Friends X Mabinogi Crossover Event that day! So get ready to see some cute little characters around. I want to see Hululu and Grape-kun (I hope they coded them together. Google grape-kun if you don't know the story), personally.

Anyway, starting with events set to end, we have the Double Rainbow Event, SO GET GRINDING FOR YOUR SKILLS AND AP. If you have Blaanid quests left to do, go do them! It's double all of this:

Exploration AP x2
Combat EXP x2
Quest EXP x2
Shadow Mission EXP x2
Theatre Mission EXP x2
Baltane Mission EXP x2
Part-Time EXP x2
All Skill Training x2
Gold Drop Amount x2
Gold Drop Rate x2
Lucky Finish Rate x2
Monster Item Drop Rate x2
Tikka and Ancient Taming Cane reward chance x2

Also, remember you can stack training potion effects. If you have a Complete Skill 2x Potion or a Royal Complete Skill Potion (that's 3x skill exp), you can use them in tandem with specialized skill training potions like Life Skill 2x Training Potions (any duration) for example. Get more skill points for this time!

Double Rainbow:

Another event that's ending is this week's portion of the 'Is This a Legendary Weapon?' event, which ended yesterday for the first two sets. The next set incoming will begin April Saturday April 18th and Sunday April 19th. Prizes aren't listed yet so check the below page to see what's coming.

Legendary Weapon Event:

Moving onto sales, after this maintenance the Glorious Wing Box and the Spiritual Growth Packages will be taken off sale. So if you wanted to buy some, get to it.

Glorious Wing Box:
Spiritual Growth Packages:

That's all for now, everyone! Happy Gaming! Stay safe!