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Hi, I'm new and have a question about progression

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What should I upgrade?


  • NilremNilrem
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    This really depends on what combat style you decide to go after long term.

    Based on your HP/MP/Stam values, I'm going to guess your stats are not super developed yet.
    It might be a good idea to just give everything a shot and raise up your stats while finding said answer.

    No need to rush anything.
    If you desire more HP, MP, or Stamina while trying out skillsets, remember that you can work on 3 different Renown types to greatly raise said stats. (As much as a 500-800 boost for each potentially).

    As for Crusader and Divinity:

    Divinity will eat a fair amount of AP but has uses where needed. In most cases it will just be a giant AOE tool, but can tank damage via shield of trust if you have high HP.

    Shield of Trust and Judgement Blade are extremely useful to get to Rank 1, alongside their sub skills.
    This isn't just for how versatile said skills are, but also because they need to be Rank 1 for certain Techniques acquired from G22.

    Don't worry too much, and find a pace that works for yourself.
    This game has a path of long term growth not just by levels, but also stats and equipment.