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duel wield, Alliance powers, fix DK and necromancy

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in Feedback and Suggestions
some limitations for elvs (heavy blunt weapons) restriction on characters lifted.
All classes for example duel axe duel blunt etc.

When human is allied with giant race get a passive buff for giant like +10% heavy stander and +10%def also use the giant stampede skill at -15% damage at rank 1
When human allied with elvs +10% movement speed +10% protection +dex 10% (new elf exclusive skill humans can use at 15% less damage at rank 1
Revert the Dark knight taming skill to how it used to b or buff it so it can tame any monster at rank one keep the scrolls the same price.

Add necromancy skill tree
passive soul taking -when an enemy dies they get re summoned as your servant limit 4 at one time
soul drain drains half of enemy's mana hp stam etc at rank 1
empower the dead summoned or soul taken enimeis get a 30% buff player looses half of their mana and hp when
dragged down- black vortex sucks in enemies doing damage to them.
revenge hands break through the ground holding enemies in place doing 5% damage the longer they are summoned.

i know this post is random but i mind as well post it while i have the inspiration


  • GypsySpiritGypsySpirit
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    Necromancer talent would be sooo cool, maybe the next summer or two we'll get to see a new talent.
  • ZamberZamber
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    Necromancer talent would be sooo cool, maybe the next summer or two we'll get to see a new talent.

    we're getting the Pet Talent like next week
  • SqueeSquee
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    I think dual wielding should be left alone. It's more or less fine as is compared to the rest of the skillset (Dual wielding is honestly better than using a shield in my opinion). Though if they were to update it, they need to update it perhaps as unique skillset, like adding some skills that you can use while dual wielding like a skill that lets you use both weapons to defend and you can defend yourself against arrows or projectiles or something, or maybe a skill where you can use special sword attacks using dual wielding that are unique to that skillset. I mean, shields have charge and bash, why not add a few things for dual wielding.

    They had a bonus for people who ally with giants or elves, and that was just a title you can get. I would like to see them expand it more and maybe have the option to do special training. Like for the giants, you can train for heavy stander and maybe some defense and strength boosts, and then elves can grant movement speed, and attack speed upgrades. It would be nice to expand some options for different people to train you for combat, like having Krug being able to train you for strength, but maybe train with Dowra to enhance your gun skill speed/strength. Basically have it where you can have certain mentors for a certain number of specific training skillsets. I think that would be a great way to expand this idea, and would even allow one to add human trainers for giants and elves so that they don't get left out.

    I would love to see a necromancer talent. Though I'd say we should get another race like fomors or undead that we can become if we're going to get that. Maybe also add a skill that lets you become an incarnation of death (I've been watching too much Overlord as of late it seems). I also hope that they make it scythe-based instead of magic based so that scythes will be useful beyond just looking cool. Maybe we could even have some dual scythe abilities as well. The only problem I see with necromancy is that it would be too easy for players to level it up and then have their necromanced allies do all the work for them, and never have to do it themselves. That would basically make it a skillset no one would ever deviate from unless they found a way to balance it since you'd just use it to spawn allies that you could swarm opponents with, then there'd not only be any reason to use pets or any other allies, but no reason to play alongside parties and stuff if you can just necromance and create your own allies.