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Event Heads-Up! 7/2/20

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edited June 29, 2020 in General Chat
Hey, Milletians, it's that time again! This week we're saying good-bye to the Pet Expedition Event! Make sure to do your last few daily quests and talk to Expedition-van Joe in order to get EXP, a handful of gold and an experience fruit for your pets! Furthermore, if you've done 10 of these daily quests, make sure to collect your Mini Hamster Whistle!

Mini Hamster Stats:
Pet Type: Small, Terrestrial, Rat
Summon Time: 117 Minutes
Inventory Size: 6x4
Does not transform
Cannot be mounted, cannot be dyed

Pet Expedition Event:

That's all for now! Happy Gaming, everyone!



  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
    Mabinogi Rep: 34,745
    Posts: 7,909
    I did not do this event enough for another hamster. But I do not need so many.
  • IyasenuIyasenu
    Mabinogi Rep: 24,265
    Posts: 2,887
    I got me my Hamster whistle, I'll save it for when I have the drive to actually burst it up to level 200 at age 1 sometime in the future.
    (Please please, let there be a Baltane Mission Level 200 Event so I can be lazy)
    Well, that'd at least be some work. For Maximum lazy, Golden Supplements or Glimmering Golden Supplements are even better, just much less accessible/available.
  • JJJJ
    Mabinogi Rep: 5,400
    Posts: 500
    I have one day too few because I kept forgetting to turn in the quest :(
    Oh well. Not a huge loss.