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Pet expeditions, related updates, and ancient pets

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edited July 13, 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions
Mabinogi has a LOT of pets, and the current store selection is pretty bad at advertising that with such a limited selection. With the Pet Expedition release, and the current Pet related updates, Nexon has so far missed an opportunity(shopkeeper's sale or otherwise) for newly incentivized pet buying.

We need a re-release of many pets, some of which are for more obscure pet types that never come as free or event-related options.
Sure, we have a lot of dragons, fairies, clouds, scooters, balloon animals, sheeptuplets, horses, cats and dogs, and we even recently got a mini hamster and a regular sheep.

But there are pets we literally have not seen in OVER 10 YEARS. Some of these are pets that came as a limited option, maybe slightly better in some way, along with permanent versions when a "pack" of pets was released. All of these pets have obviously fallen out of favor as the game progressed, and with pets that have stats or abilities on the tier of bone dragons, scooters, and fairies, we had little point to look at the older, weaker, smaller inventory pets.

However with pet expeditions we have a reason to need older pets again.

So we either need new version of the rarer types, or a new sale advertising our long lost friends.

Things like discontinued hedgehogs, snakes, monkeys, foxes, mice, brooms, birds, you name it.

I hope anyone who sees this thinks up and adds their own wish for a long lost pet to return to the store. When was the last time anyone saw a Fire Dragon or a Thunderbird? How about an Antelope or a Bull?

EDIT: While you're at it you can advertise the pet categories (living, terrestrial, etc) and update the hover text for the pets so that it no longer says we can only have 150 characters + pets on an account.


  • GretaGreta
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    edited July 13, 2020
    The cash shop already offers many pet types you need for expeditions. Foxes, brooms, mimics, mice, birds, spiders, snakes and so on... Sure there are some discontinued ones, but i remember them bringing pets like Bull and Fire Dragon over a year ago as a limited sale or so. But you really don't need these pets, because you can buy Cow instead and finding any other Dragon is not a challenge as well. Since we got Pet Medals permanently kept in Cash Shop, now you can try and find people who could sell you needed pets for expeditions. This game offers a lot of pets, every event pretty much will give you any junk pet, besides snake, spider, crab and mimic which i'm only missing since Nexon never gave such type of pets as event reward so far.
    P.S: I never knew that we had Hedgehog pets, well these has to come back, so cute lol. Looks like they were sold only once for a short period of time like over 10 years ago. Wow.
  • ShroomsterShroomster
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    I think the only pet type I came across without a representative was the monkey, but the pet's stats factor in for a bonus to success rate, and some limited or discontinued pets are measurably better in that regard, and this is precisely the the kind of situation you'd expect some kind of pet sale.

    My ongoing complaint about fire dragons is it's the only elemental dragon without multiple (astral./constellation) versions.
  • GypsySpiritGypsySpirit
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    I just want to the Crow pet to come again, I miss seeing those those following players around. I always missed out on them and I'd rather buy one since I remember them being $10 and not 30mil in the game as if I buy gacha like a whale to sell.