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Quick Fynni Catching Skill Rank Guide

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Just a quick guide for ranking the Fynni Catching skill, if you are like me and rather get it over with. *Please keep in mind this was tested with x6 skill training exp*

Mob Rank needed - Mob
E & D - AAHM / Math Dun
C - AAHM / Lions
B - AAHM / Math dungeon spam for Hellhounds / Barri for Ogres. (Math is shorter, but Barri has more Ogres than Math has Hellhounds)
A - AAHM / Fiodh for Werewolves/Lycans would work. / Spamming Rabbie would work for Succubus

The easiest way to rank the skill is by doing AAHM, as every ranked mob spawns there, but there are other options.

You want to spam Math dun up until you need the mobs that are ranked C. Then you can spam lions, and with AP training, you can get to r5 fairly easily.

Once you hit r5, your best bet is probably spamming AAHM for rank B mobs. If you can't run AAHM for whatever reason, spamming Math dun for Hellhounds is
the second best option. You could also run Barri for Ogres. The rank B mobs give enough exp to use to lv the skill, but if you want to do it quickly, AP train.

Once you hit r4 and need rank A mobs, I would definitely move to AAHM if you haven't. From there you can easily achieve r1.


  • RaishiiRaishii
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    edited July 20, 2020
    Once you start needing rC gems, it's way simpler to just do Peaca Normal. It has rC (Cloakers) and rB (Ghouls, Wights, and Hollow Knights) gems.

    For rA gems, just do Saga I: Episode 2 "A Letter from Akule" quest. It spawns a Headless, but you're really going to be doing it for the Lesser Liches. As long as you don't kill the big Lich, it will endlessly spawn lesser ones that can be collected. If you wanted, you could also do this quest early on, since the demonic warrior/poet things drop either rD or rC gems.
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    edited July 20, 2020
    The boss room of Rundal Siren has a nice spot for grade C gems, if you let a linked pet tank Siren and just constantly kill her summoned Sahagins.
    The Demi Lich in Peaca Normal summons Ghosts constantly which are also grade C, but that's a bit of a higher bar since he's got CC fireball.

    Also if you rebirth at Tir Chonnail, that field full of Gargoyles is a good spot for grade B gems.
  • Shiro42Shiro42
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    Another option for C and B gems is the Scary Library.
    Ghosts - C
    Cloakers - C
    Hollow Knights - B
  • FrahaleahFrahaleah
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    You could also kill lynx outside of cor for, I think it was D-rank gems whichever one the green ones are, and get silver gems for making magic powder for cosmos perfume at the same time.
  • GretaGreta
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    Or just, you know, check Taming Journal and choose what's more suitable for you. Honestly, even running any advanced dungeon is enough to train it. It's best to train it passively, but since there's an event to collect coins for ranks and all people have to hurry a bit lol.