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How do I earn golden pinecones?

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I still haven't figured this out on my own


  • LiberateLiberate
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    You sell the pet whistles from Fynni blossoming to the deer for pinecones.
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    1) Use the Fynni Catching skill to obtain Fynni Gems from appropriate monsters. (marked by a colored gem icon above their head, denoting the grade of gem they'll drop)
    Check the Taming Journal to see what types of monsters drop gems and what grades they'll be.

    2) Take the Fynni Gems and go to your homestead, and make sure you have Blossoming Cages installed (up to 4 per homestead) and use the Fynni Blossoming skill to put the gems in the cages, where they'll take a real life amount of time to turn into Fynni Pet Whistles

    3) Take the Fynni Pet Whistles to Fionnait in Mag Mell, select Trade -> Sell Fynni Pet Related Item -> Fynni Pet Whistles and select the whistle you want to sell to her.
    For the first 30 whistles per real day you sell to her she'll give you Gold-Leaf Pine Cones and money. After 30 she'll only give you Gold-Leaf Pine Cones.
    The amount of pine cones and money she'll give is based on the level of the Fynni pet Whistle you give her.
    E = 1~2
    D = 3~4
    C= 5~6
    B= 7~8
    A= 9~10