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Tales of a Milletian

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"Gather 'round, great soothsayers! Lift your ink and parchment and share your story! We're looking to hear the most fantastical, humorous, and amazing stories of your journeys thus far!"

Contest deadline: August 27, 2020 at 11:59 PM PDT

Contest details:
- Write a story from the perspective of your in-game character.
- It must be 300 words or less. The story does not need to follow a specific theme. It can be the retelling of how your character perceived an event, sale, content update, random happening on a weekend, etcetera! Be creative!
- (Optional) Attach up to 3 in-game screenshots (remove/crop UI) to compliment your story. No videos or music.

Judging: Submissions will be scored based on the following criteria:
a. Story Creativity – 50%
b. Story Sentiment – 50%

• Total of eight (8) grand prize winners, four (4) players per server:
o 15 ???* Cash Shop Boxes/each

• Total of twenty-four (24) runner-up winners, twelve (12) players per server:
o 10 ???* Cash Shop Boxes/each

*Box will be revealed at a later date.

Please submit your stories along with your in-game name and server in this thread!

Full rules found here:


  • CMKyriosCMKyrios
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    We are updating these rules to increase the word limit to 300 words per request.
  • AleiraSwordfireAleiraSwordfire
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    IGN: Alaguesia
    Server: Alexina

    My new title

    I stared at the golden stream of honey beneath my feet, and then stared at the empty bottle on my hands. I dipped the bottle again in the honey, I don’t know which attempt this is, but again when I took the bottle out of the stream, it was empty.

    Why? Why does this happen to me? The honey it’s right there, I can feel it with my hands, my bottle has no holes, and I have checked multiple times to see if I mistakenly dipped it with the lid, but there is no lid. I am going insane? I am really a divinity who fails at picking honey from a stream? Are the fairies playing tricks on me, so the honey doesn’t go inside? Maybe I’m hallucinating and the bottle has honey inside… Yes that must be it. I threw the empty bottle into the cauldron along some ingredients, but all that came out was black smoke.

    This is not the first time black smoke has come out of that cauldron, I started reminiscing about all those times I failed Fynn Crafting while having the right ingredients and many experts on the skill beside me, yet despite the favorable odds, I manage to fail many times, consecutively.

    A friend that witnessed my honey nightmare invited me to fight Kerune, and after a few hours we got in some beads in our hands, which I promptly destroyed while burnishing. My friend stared at me in disbelief, how could I fail at something so easy? Who destroys stuff while burnishing?

    I am the famous Milletian, you might have heard about me with many titles added to my name, from the one who rescued the goddess to the new divinity, but perhaps “Pet Handler Ferghus” might become the most recent one.
  • SapphiraMuseSapphiraMuse
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    Server: Nao

    (I got talked into this as usual)

    What Pets Are Really Like

    "I'm hungry!" a corgi barked.
    "Again?! I just gave you something!" came the elf's reply.
    "Where's my oats? I demand oats!" a perseus with red armor and wings neighed.
    "Hold on, Hanjiru!" the elf cried out, bringing a hand to her head in frustration.
    "There's a thorn in my paw from that Mag Mell dungeon," a red-eyed ceraunus pouted, holding one massive paw up.
    "I'll get to you in a moment, Raibyo," she answered, trying to pull a bag of oats over to the stable.
    "Sapphira!" "Sapphira!" "Sapphira!" a myriad of pet voices rang out.
    "One at a time! I'm only one person!" the elf cried out again, bustling around trying to get to each pet.
    "Sapphiraaaa, I want more foooood!" the corgi whined. Sapphira brought a hand to her head again.
    Such is the hectic life of a pet butler.

  • KimiLamperougeKimiLamperouge
    Mabinogi Rep: 485
    Post: 1
    IGN: Kimi
    Server: Nao


    The world was on fire.
    However, for a split moment, the flames dissipated.
    The scent of the air changed from blood and smoke to wet stone.
    Red sky melted into black rock, the now visible cave stalactites glowing blue from the eerie light of the Lia Fail.
    The Lia Fail.
    Her lips parted, her heart hammered in her throat. Voices behind her faded; she was all alone.
    No longer the hero she was meant to be.
    In a single second, she felt herself flung back into the body of the past: a new Milletian. A small, fragile, innocent thing. With nothing but simple brass knuckles on her hands and a staff strapped to her back.
    Wide eyed and overwhelmed at the large creature before her.
    Trapped in the depths of Bhaol Dungeon.
    It was then she told her trembling body to calm down, to hold up her fists and ready herself. To save the Goddess, and Ruairi. This was the time to stand tall and fight for the safety of Erinn.
    That was the defining moment her world shifted, and she fully embraced who she was.
    Someone said her name.
    Then she was back in the present. The flames returned, the air once again grew thick with smoke.
    But Cromm Cruiach still stood before her, gazing down with a menacing and fiery gaze.
    She was being challenged for a second time. Only now, she was not alone, she was not in Bhaol Dungeon. She was no more the apprehensive hero, desperate to save everyone but being too scared to move.
    The Milletian would not be afraid this time.
    And when she stepped forward to face the dragon, the depths in her heart and ageless soul were no longer cold.
  • ChikuChiku
    Mabinogi Rep: 885
    Posts: 10
    IGN: Eik
    Server: Nao


    As a Milletian, my privelige to experience Erinn beside an array of animal companions is not taken for granted. My pets are always willing to travel to the deepest depths of any dungeon with me.

    But first, it takes gaining that pet's trust - to reassure them they will be safe in this journey.
    Vay, a timid young Ceraunus, has been having a difficult time with the bonding process.

    However, I seemed to have had a breakthrough today when I visited him.


    The creature's unsure posture and pinned-back ears were obvious as I approached. However, a glint in his eyes hinted at the fascination for the soft chicken chew I was holding. We had done this for a while now.
    "Come here, it's alright," I said in a hushed tone, hoping my endearment was perhaps palpable to him. Minutes seemed to pass before the Ceraunus finally inched forward and was within arm's reach. His frame was considerably taller than mine despite being just a cub.

    The chew was taken from my hand, and I assumed our daily interaction would end there; but this time, he did not immediately retreat into the forest. His eyes tentatively met mine and he seemed to stare into my very being. I soon found myself talking to him.
    "Vay, I know you're scared, but I'm here to protect you and give you a home. You'll have so many siblings to play with, and all the chews you want! ...And, it would make me really happy if you joined me. Can you think about it? Please?"


    After some hesitation, Vay licked my hand for the first time. And it was not simply because I was just holding his favorite treat. That was the beginning of our bond.
  • TaffytaTaffyta
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,000
    Posts: 41
    The Milletian receives a letter on a sunny day. The sender isn’t listed as anyone familiar to her, so her heart sinks a bit on reflex- that could really spell trouble. She gives her head a firm shake, willing away the thoughts of endless disaster. Courage gathered, she tears into the letter: a plain and simple request for help, politely requesting a meeting in Dugald Aisle. Relieved to find it lacking in urgency, desperation, terror, or the like, she decides it couldn’t hurt to head over. Helping out is what a hero does, after all!

    Ambling up Dugald Aisle, the Milletian finds herself in a field of growing sunflowers. She begins to wonder how long it’s been since she walked through here, as that’s quite a change. At least it’s a pleasant one, she muses, trying not to think too hard about moon stones raining down. A call of greeting ahead of her breaks her pensive mood. The person who asked her here? She brightens and waves on her way over, ready to see what she can do.

    The old man standing before the Milletian explains himself and his situation, thanking her for showing up. I’m sure you have been very busy, but it’s not something I can do all on my own. She understands, of course, and accepts eagerly. For one man to go so far, planting such a field of flowers just to recapture a moment of joy for his wife? Call her sentimental, but the Milletian finds her heart full. A task such as this might not require the full extent of her admittedly overwhelming power, but she decides to give the field her all. For what feels like the first time in a long time.. the Milletian finds herself feeling glad to be needed.

    Taffyta on Nao
    i think some events must be a really nice and needed break from people trying to kill you and everyone else, you know?
  • FionaMoonlightFionaMoonlight
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    IGN: Pionya
    Server: Alexina

    Just Another Day with Pets


    Today we’re at Mag Mell with Pinkie and Katell, and that’s the 20th time that I had sighed. Ever since I adopted the wizard corgi, Atheilla, Niavir became more affectionate and Atheilla keeps on getting jealous because I haven’t been giving her as much attention as my abyss catsidhe, Niavir. There was this one time in the homestead that I was playing with Niavir and Atheilla suddenly ran up to me, knocking me down. I still can’t forget how angry Niavir was during that time that she attacked Atheilla with Piercing Howl. Atheilla easily avoids it and barks at her in a teasing manner.

    Ever since that day, Atheilla keeps on coming up to me. Actually, Niavir never cared about it at first but my problem is when I’m choosing which one I’ll be bringing with me when getting into a battle. Well, I always ended up bringing Atheilla since my friends also suggested to have her accompany me instead of my abyss catsidhe. You should have seen how happy my wizard corgi was but I worry about Niavir.

    Before adopting Atheilla, Niavir have been my partner every time I go into a battle. She and my lil jack, Ola-- I mean Frotze are a great duo. Whenever Niavir is in a pinch, Frotze appears and freezes the enemies with his special skill then let Niavir defeat them.


    I turned to my left to see Niavir and Atheilla, since when did these two get this close? Atheilla placed various kinds of flowers on my lap and barked. It seems like they felt that I’m feeling a bit blue. It looks like these two made up while we’re staying in here. I smiled at my lovely pets and hugged them both.

    “Thank you, both of you. I’m alright now~”

    *I can't think of any other title for this sooo.. T_T
  • KimNynxKimNynx
    Mabinogi Rep: 675
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    edited August 17, 2020
    IGN: Kimroku
    Server: Alexina

    The best rest day

    My story begins on a lovely morning Lughnasadh, it was a perfect day to stroll through Dunbarton's shops, the villagers preparing their opening, while other merchant Milletians laid out their sales blanket - An owl? - The little feathery dropped a mission scroll in my hands - A Lucky Beast appears - The content of the mission was strange, its direction pointed towards the old city library, in it, what appeared a humanoid bird spoke to me - You have to find my friends! - The young bird shouted, after reassuring her, she told me her whole story and since they had come to Erinn, chased by creatures called Ceruleans, the most fun of the trip was traveling in the great "Japari Bus" across the continent.

    From fighting ceruleans, to fishing for a lost object, the missions of the little friends were being fun, a clearance after trying to save the world countless times, being the protector of this world is too tiring, you know?

    When we finally finished our search, we were reunited with Northern White Owl, who, as a reward, showed us an old recipe. Spicy curry? Apparently, a human had taught it to her some time ago, when we left, a giant eye greeted us with jumps. Was it a cerulean? I quickly drew my weapons and proceeded to face the enemy - Stop! - Do the cerulean speak our language?


    False alarm, it was just a human in disguise, well that was one of my best days in Erinn, the day I lived with Friends.
  • FroglordFroglord
    Mabinogi Rep: 7,020
    Posts: 337
    edited August 17, 2020
    IGN: Sorapandora
    Server: Alexina

    Title: Pandora's Pandemonium

    Today is the most wonderful time of the year♪
    It is the day of the yearly Boss summoning Gachapons. The one day all year I have been waiting for has arrived at last. The items are extravagant, the hype is overwhelming, and there is a little something for everyone today!


    People wiser than me have always told me that patience rewards those who don't act upon impulse. That everything in the world, NO THE UNIVERSE, has a profound purpose! To that I purchased my fair share of summoning gachapons. Eagerly waiting, knowing full well the treasures they may hold. Refraining my gaze, I avoided those who were lucky, and withdrew my treasures into obscurity. Then I wait for the perfect time, the PERFECT PLACE!, and all shall aline accordingly!


    Then it happens, a promised event held in the empty lands of Iria! What joy, what FUN! how long I have waited for such a day! Indeed, it has come! With eager anticipation, and the unknowing innocence of those who were once greedy, I open the treasures I harboured for so long! A Lich, a Dragon, a MAMMOTH!? OH HOW FUN! The sheer bewilderment of those unsuspecting fills the air. No one could have prepared for this, no one anticipated adversity! I have unleashed a most splendid chaos, as is his will!

  • RhlorRhlor
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    edited August 19, 2020
    IGN: Lecia
    Server: Nao

    The Returned

    How long has it been since the Milletian saved the goddess, foiled the corrupt alchemists, and pried open the gates of Avalon itself? Has it been days, months, or years?

    From the depths of an endless slumber, the Milletian suddenly jolts awake and finds herself on a stark white platform with a knotted symbol on the floor.

    In a swirl of black fabric and white hair, a tall, beautiful woman materializes before her and the air fills with a light, comforting tune.

    “Welcome back,” she says, her voice gentle, “There’s somebody waiting to see you on the other side.”

    With a wave of her hand the Milletian’s vision is filled with a blinding white light. When she opens her eyes, she is in a bustling town square. Several people who were chatting nearby stop when she looks their way and their eyes widen.

    “You’re back!” a girl in blue shouts as she runs and embraces the Milletian, “It’s been so long!”

    The Milletian looks down at the girl’s wide, shining eyes and fond memories surface in her mind. The girl’s hair had changed, and her clothes were new, but… The Milletian quickly looks around at the other people around her. That messy hair, that old flashing muffler robe, that tomboyish grin, they too had changed but still she recognized them all, and suddenly the world blurred behind her tears.

    “Hey,” a boy with stark white hair and a comforting smile puts his hand on her shoulder, “About time you came back to us.” He gently places a large coupon in the Milletian’s hand. “Welcome home.”

    The Milletian looks down at the coupon, on which the words “The Returned” were emblazoned, and wipes the tears from her eyes.

    “Everyone,” she says, a great, wide smile filling her face, “I’m home.”
  • BenzeneBenzene
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,095
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    edited August 18, 2020
    IGN: Imlilnikki
    Server: Alexina


    “Captain, did you find something?” Logan glanced warily at the Milletian’s back. Their shoulders stiffened slightly and he sighed. He had seen them walk a distance away, crouch, and then attempt to walk back to Dunbarton without waiting for him.

    “Captain,” he started, “I’m grateful that you decided to accompany me on this mission to investigate these…reports. But, well, you seem distracted. Have you been sleeping properly?”

    The Milletian turned slightly, their arms held in front of them instead of at their sides. “Yeah. Yes. The mission.” They jerked their head back to the ground and appeared to mutter into their shirt.

    “Locals claimed they witnessed portals appearing all along the southern path and,” the squire checked the debriefing, “giant dogs leaping out of them.”


    He checked the report again. “Yes, dogs.”

    “Are you sure they didn’t switch the D and G around?”

    Logan frowned and approached his Captain. “Whether they’re gods or dogs from another dimension, it’s up to us, the Divine Knights to protect Erinn from otherworldly beings.” He paused. “And I suppose it’s the job of squires like me to investigate.”

    Hearing Logan’s footsteps behind them, the Milletian straightened up. “Of course. We have to⁠—"


    Logan stopped in his tracks. “Captain?”

    The Milletian’s shoulders folded in some more. “Yippee…?”

    Logan walked up to his Captain and looked over their shoulder. A furry head poked out from their shirt and barked at him.

    “Captain, is that…a dog?”

    “I’m keeping him.”


    “His name is Wizarf. No, Barktholomew.”

    “He might be the dog we’re looking for.”

    The Milletian scoffed. “He can’t be. He’s so small.”

    The corgi slipped out from their grasp and trotted in a circle. The dog barked once and grew four sizes.

    “Alright. I take that back. He’s a big boy.”
  • TsunohDATsunohDA
    Mabinogi Rep: 935
    Posts: 19
    edited August 19, 2020
    IGN: Jinshou
    Server: Alexina

    Sometimes it's hard being the Milletian

    "It's not my fault!" I burst out.

    Walter raised an eyebrow. All the Dunbarton regulars were there, to address this social outrage - which again, wasn't my fault.

    "Everyone saw it," Eavan said. "You were alone, in the middle of the square; and then suddenly your clothes disappeared. And you just stood there, as if nothing had happened."

    "Is it a trend among Milletians?" Glenis asked, smiling. "When I was young, I did things to impress a certain someone -"

    My face felt hot. "No! Glenis, I can explain." Through the crowd - gods, why are they all here? Isn't there anything else to do in Dunbarton? - I spotted the magic teacher and dragged him forward. "Here, Stewart - help me clarify."

    "Why me?" His face was as red as his robes. "I've never been publicly indecent, thank you-"

    I wanted to punch him. "You're familiar with magical contracts, right?"

    He nodded. "An exchange for the use of some ability, or service."

    "That's it - I made a contract with a being of great power. Almost godlike." The most powerful god in Erinn, I thought.

    "Does it have a name?" he seemed just curious now, but the others looked unconvinced.

    "It looks like a strange cat," I said cautiously, "with unusual eyes. It casts an illusion that lets me wear anything without losing durability. But it lasts just three years, and sometimes it disappears when I'm... not here, in my body." Floating away, drifting through a different world.

    "Milletian clothing is expensive to repair," Simon mused. "I understand why an illusion would be useful. But in the future... wear a robe underneath, hmm?" He paused. "Maybe a pink robe, to match your pink pan-"

    "Simon!!" Everyone was laughing now as I covered my face in embarrassment.

    ...Sometimes, it's hard being the Milletian.

  • TatsugiTatsugi
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    edited August 20, 2020
    IGN: Tatsugi
    Server: Nao

    A forgotten promise.

    Faded voices becoming clearer as moments pass.

    Man: Open your eyes; you can’t let it end like this! You won’t be able to forgive yourself if you just sit there and sulk as he walks away.

    A low glowing light brightens for just a moment, then dims. The sun had set, and the moon had hidden itself behind the clouds leaving only darkness.

    Girl: I know, I just don’t want to be a burden for him any longer. There’s so much more that he can do without me. It’s best if I just fade away from his memory alone.

    Man: That is impossible. You will never fully disappear from this world, nor would I let you. With your help he was able to go this far, and his journey is far from over.. This world is full of chaos, but also love. There are many more good people in the soul stream than bad.

    The dim light sparkled a bit, and remained a bit brighter, however still not enough to keep back the darkness.

    Girl: This stone feels so cold, I never knew the cold when I was with him…

    As she lay upon the freezing stone, snow began to fall once more.

    Man: He truly made you feel loved then? You do not want to chase him? Or to see him again?

    The small glow was shrinking once more, almost to nothing, and the darkness began to encroach.

    Girl: Of.. course I do, there were so many things that… We never got to see, or do..

    The girl's voice began to show what the man knew was coming..

    Man: So would you do it again? Would you want another chance to tell him?

    With a heavy sigh, the faded light drifted off in the wind carrying one word.


  • Slayer770Slayer770
    Mabinogi Rep: 790
    Posts: 9
    Shadows of What Used to Be
    By: slayer770 of Alexina

    “How… long have we been together?” I ask him, our longstanding guild stone between us.

    A verbal answer isn’t required—there are some things that do not need to be answered, like how many feathers are on a Fynn Bell, but I quiver at these musings regardless if I know the answer. I cherish my memories because they are all I have now… countless rebirths can’t take them away from me.

    Sure I have my friends and guild, but they too will eventually disappear like everyone and everything else this past decade. We all will. Just like the Three Heroes… who knows how long we will be around in this world? Just thinking of that frightens me just as much as listing Holy Water of Lymilark for anything more than 10,000 gold per stack.

    I place my shaking hand atop his, my finger brushing his time-worn Wedding Ring. I hope his is still as lustrous as mine… Erinn used to be full of Milletians like us. I could see naught but strangers’ shops full of trinkets and baubles in Dunbarton, but now… empty as Tir Na Nog. All there is now is a fragmented moon stone and faceless Milletians that appear eerily similar.

    “Slay,” I whimper without looking, “please don’t leave me?” It comes out like a prayer. I look back again, but there is no one there.

    “Right…” I mutter. There never has been anyone there… it’s always been me all along.

    Searching through my personal bag, I clutch Adniel’s Horn Bugle, the Avon Feather, even the half-eaten bag of Altam’s Special Herbal Cookies. Two of the three don’t rightfully belong to me, Akari Valcia. Tears erupt like a Flame Burst. What happened to Erinn? To our world? To all of us? To…me?


    (Bonus points if you caught the server merge jab! Interpret this how you will (feel free to leave what you believe this is about). ^.~)
  • MusicatMusicat
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    edited August 22, 2020
    Um, hello? Sorry, but from reading the full rules I didn't really understand whether the allowed word count extension had taken place or not, since they are telling two different things at once. I'm going to delete this post after I receive an answer..
    P.S. I forgot that there's no delete function for ordinary otters. Thank you for the reply!
  • CMKyriosCMKyrios
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,640
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    Musicat wrote: »
    Um, hello? Sorry, but from reading the full rules I didn't really understand whether the allowed word count extension had taken place or not. I'm going to delete this post after I receive an answer..

    The word count allowed is 300!
  • KelepiiKelepii
    Mabinogi Rep: 430
    Posts: 2
    The Holiest of Arts
    Kelepii of Alexina

    “Why… can’t I save them? Why must they always die?”My knees buckled and tears flowed freely onto the smooth stone platform. I looked up into her wide blue eyes, they were unfailingly kind; but I could sense pain floating just behind her smile. She leaned forward, grasped my hand tightly, and the floor fell away as I tumbled to Erinn below.

    I awoke in bed, Mahou curled around me. Dried tears crinkled on my face as I tried to smile at him; but the failure had sunk in. I snatched my healing bag off of the bedside table and opened it to find… nothing. No soulstones, no feathers, no bandages… I used everything. My once-beautiful wand lay battered next to me. I buried my face in Mahou’s tawny fur. All I had to do was keep them alive. I couldn’t.

    Mahou gently nuzzled my face and with a soft yip a gathering of tiny balloons appeared floating just out of reach. I giggled despite my sobs. It looked so silly! I reached out to touch them and with a ‘pop’ a soft warmth spread to my fingers and toes. A knot inside of me came undone. With a deep breath I sat up and turned to Mahou, wiping the tears from my eyes. “We’ve got work to do!”

    He howled in return.

    I grabbed my healing wand and shoved it into my bag, slinging it over my shoulder. “We’ll have to pick some herbs and then take them to ‘Ole Manus! Then we’ll visit Mr. Stewart so he can have a look at my wand.”I stopped before leaving my homestead and turned to my partner. “We must do what we can for those we love. Don’t we, Boy?” I left with Mahou scampering happily at my heels.
  • AndromedazAndromedaz
    Mabinogi Rep: 390
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    IGN: Andromedaz
    Server: Alexina
    Word Count: 285

    I wrote this short story on a stormy night.
    I completed it in one sitting, in a short hour.
    I really like what I portray, the life of Milletian from my perspective.
    English isn't my first language so there maybe some grammar mistake, I do apologize in advance.
    I hope you like it :)

    Legend Unfold

    From the soul streams, I arrived.
    The Milletian, one who crosses the stars, as they say.
    Nao, a peculiar and sorrowful existence she is.

    As I roam the land from north to south and east to west,
    through vast deserts and snowy tundra, I go.

    I can see more than the average man can see.

    I see colors and wonders that speaks to all men.
    In the grandeur of each building block, in the tiniest of elements, I glimpse the privileged of being.

    The fearsome giant and the gentle elf, I met.
    Wonders of this world and beyond, I witnessed

    Schemes, ploy, and plot, I've been involved.
    Lost many, saved a few, on my saga.
    Saddest of them all is the Three Lost Warrior.

    Numerous enemies, I confronted.
    Scant few acquaintances, I bonded.
    Even fewer, I have the privilege to call a friend.

    The time draws nigh, the black moon is rising.
    Ancient prophecy unfolds, floods and plagues abound.
    Will the curtain close on Erinn ?
    We shall see.

    I have met god, slay god.
    Met dragon, slay dragon.
    Will I be sung as the greatest heroes or evilest villain, I do not know.

    Light or dark, good or evil, who can say.
    Each with their dreams and ambitions.

    Many envied the life of Millitians.
    My astounding prowess, limitless growth, and neverending youth.
    Is it a blessing or a curse ? I have been asked.
    Remains to be seen, I answered.

    My goal is to live my life in the present.
    Whether my future path will be gilded in gold,
    or covered in sharp thorns, I still walk.

    Through adversity and encountering people, I grew.
    Where this road will lead me, only time will tell.
  • MusicatMusicat
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    Server: Nao
    Character: Musicat
    Greetings. Hope you enjoy this humble story as much as I did enjoy creating it! And screw this picture scale adjustment. Also, a word-counting site told me it's less than 300 words here. Have fun! 0v0
    A Dead Cat's Memoir

    Today I went on some commercial trips, and something got into my sight. Something I haven't noticed before. Something scary. There are wooden people near the forests. But they never moved, so much as I've seen. They may be dormant. Waiting. Scheming.

    It was evening, and I set up my kiosk near Dunbarton's northern wall. I turned into a fox, so that nobody could recognize me (A cat turning into a fox. How ironical.) and laid down on the ground beside to keep guard. It's quite cold here, but I don't want those magic people-wooden people to steal my goods.
    A sudden roar from above woke me up in the morning. It was a Brown Grizzly Bear Cub, standing atop the wall. *achoo*How did they get there? This must be those wooden people's treacherous act. Did they intend to *achoo* threaten me? I checked the goods in my kiosk. Everything was in place. Thank gods.
    This evening I'm going to settle it right away with those culprits. Fair and square. I think I've seen one of them at the farthest meadow southwest of Dunbarton. Eavan says there are dangerous wisps out there, but I think it's just a myth to fend off those who are not prepared. I'm particularly curious if those brats are as strong as they think they are. Else they wouldn't think so, right? Any*choo*, you don't mess with *achoo* The Meow! (Stupid cold! It had to be my standout line.)

    A soothing aroma returned me to my senses, and I saw Manus restlessly leaning over me. He said I had been knocked unconscious. Some passers-by reported that a strange-looking cat was attacked by a wisp from behind while yelling at a decoration.
    May I have solved Schrodinger's equation somehow?..
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    Last Minute at SAO Event
    Clink, clink. I shifted my armor gently as small metallic pieces started to fall onto the stone cold floor. Sweat glistened on my temple as I took my two chipped blades out from my straps and stared at them. My arms felt like jelly under their weight.

    “Just one more run before I return to town,” I sigh quietly. This was taking longer than I thought.

    My eyes grew heavy with exhaustion as I took out the Zone 4 dungeon pass and offered it to the Goddess statue. It disintegrated and in a blink, the Goddess statue stood on a different pedestal. I made it inside. I prayed before the Goddess before gripping my swords and ran down the tunnel.

    “I’d like both ALO coupons and Lisbeth Boots please!” I shouted as I shove a bunch of map tickets to the Exchange Administrator.

    “You don’t have enough for all three,” he said.

    “What? No…” I counted the tickets myself. “...420.”

    Crap. I had miscalculated thinking I needed 60 for each coupon, but that was a Zone 5 reward. They were 100 each. Then an announcement was made across Erinn.

    “Dear Milletiens, please return home in 600 seconds as the realm upkeep its balance.”

    I collapsed to my knees, devastated. No way I can get the rest in 600 seconds. The SAO gang are leaving after the upkeep!

    “Jeez, you look terrible,” said a voice.

    I turn around to see Hino standing behind me. I teared up and blabbled, “H-Hino!! I’ve been so busy I--” He cut me short as he tossed a pair of boots onto my lap.

    “I thought they’d look cute on you,” he grinned. “Get what you need and let’s return before we get swept up in the upkeep.”

    I’ve never felt so blessed.