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Weirdest transaction to date, please help.

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edited February 10, 2017 in Help
So i decided to buy some nx prepaid to get the partner mount package before it's removed, and decided to pay with my phone instead of my credit card this time, however i failed to notice in time and mistakenly ended up using Xsolla, while this was not that huge of an issue i quickly asked myself, how did they confirm the purchase ?
I started checking my purchase history on my nexon account and there was indeed information about the transaction, but no info on what transaction method (Master card - Visa etc etc etc) was used, i then checked my email the only thing they asked for before handing me nx prepaid and again, there was an email but it just didn't describe what method was used.
I checked if i had acutely received any nx prepaid and i did, i spent it on the partner mount package and decided this simply can't end here, i must write it down in the forum, maybe somebody knows more than i do ?

alright maybe i made it a bit too complicated to understand so here is the short version.
I accidentally paid with Xsolla ( the "More Methods" option) however after i chose the amount and wrote my email down as they asked, i immediately received my nx prepaid, this is weird considering they didn't ask for my Master card, Visa or so on, and i don't think i have ever used Xsolla.


  • PectylPectyl
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,475
    Posts: 78
    I guess nobody knows what's going on huh ?
  • KororeKorore
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    I would suggest contacting Customer Support to find out what you charged to.

    They'll be able to help you much more than we can.