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Luki's buy and sell ;)

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edited November 19, 2017 in Mari Marketplace
Note Lukikaru for offers. Im more responsive if you were to note or add me in game, so feel free. I may accept trades or gold with items :^)




-Mysterious girl outfit
-Battle School Uniform F
-Cessair Commander outfit
-Atui's outfit (Original color)
-Nosuri's outfit (Original Color)
-Night Witch Dress
-Police Officer Uni
-Sultry Nurse outfit
-Mini Nurse outfit
-Nurse outfi
-Summer Weave Dress
-Pumpkin Bat costume
-Incubus Siren dress
-Gothic Lolita dress
-Femme Fetale dress
-Swan lake outfit
-St Patricks day suit F
-Succubus outfit

-Rhetoi Rabbit Hat
-Wiggling Atui ears
-Shaman Wig F
-Royal Princess Circlet
-Pierrot Wig-hat
-Cessairs heart Wig
-Patissiere Hat and Wig F
-Elegant Long straight wig
-Figure skating wig
-Pierrot hat

-Sheep Sonata boots F
-Night Witch Boots
-Theatrical Troupe Boots F
-Fleet Elegant DK boots R1 F
-Shamala Shoes
-Rhetoi Rabbit Shoes
-Eluned Floral Fairy Sandals F
-Nosuri Shoes (Original colors)
-Atui's shoes (Original color)
-Nekone's shoes (Original color)
-Rurutie's shoes (Original color)
-Royal Academy ribbon Loafers F
-Girls shoes
-Eirawen Boots
-Swan lake shoes (black)
-Black Succubus Boots


-Fallen Fairy Suit M
-Kousais Cor Costume M
-Summer school Uni (Giant) M

-Mens Tengu hat
-Lughs wig
-Shylocks Wig
-Glewyas wig
-Berched wig
-Leartes wig
-Oshutoru's Wig

-Maikes boots


-Icebolt Enhancement 2 Hebona circlet
-Folded Dog ears
-Wiggling Doopy kitty ear headband
-Bell fox ornament
-R1Vine dexterity DK helm


-Kitsune Hagi mini-gem
-3x Mana Crystallization pots
-Celtic Royal Knight Sword (incomplete) 99.9% complete
-Silence Fanatic Greatsword
-DeathyScythe Weapon Appearance Change Scroll

**BUYING/INTERESTED IN** (Not looking for all at once)
-Girls hair coupon F
-Bright Summer outfit
-Bright Elven summer outfit
-Gothic Lolita shoes F
-Tribal Bird robe
-Belmont Wear F
-Tropical Dolphin Beach tube
-Yukata Mini
-Oriental robe
-Cores mysterious roswell (nmp?)
-Reg Piano
-Reg harp
- Tropical Kiddie pool
-#330000 fixed dyes (Or similar shades)
-reg dyes


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