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Tales of a Milletian


  • FairyvoiceFairyvoice
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    I chose to share one of my best and earliest mabi memories!

    Ign: Fairyvoice
    Server: Alexina

    A lone elf stood on the dock in Tir Chonaill, humming to herself as she whiled away the minutes training her newly obtained fishing skill.


    A friendly voice came ringing from up the hill. She glanced upwards to see another Milletian, a human, making his way down the dock to stand by her.

    “Hi,” she said nervously. People didn’t often approach a newbie like her with good intentions, but his charming greeting gave her some hope that this interaction wouldn’t go like her previous few had gone.

    “Oh, I’m glad you’re actually here!” he said. “I thought you might’ve been, y’know…”

    He paused and pulled a blank look, imitating an afk player, before dissolving into laughter at his own antics. She couldn’t help but laugh along with him, recalling the times she had attempted conversations with other Milletians only to receive that same blank stare.

    “I didn’t mean to interrupt your fishing, but I wanted you to have this,” he said, pulling a small object out of his pocket. He pressed a Dye Ampoule into her hands and stepped back again to a respectful distance. “Merry Christmas!”

    She stared at her shiny new gift, turning it over in her hands.

    “Is it alright for me to have this?” she asked hesitantly. “They’re pretty expensive, aren’t they?”

    He waved away her questions and grinned. “I’d like for you to keep it. Welcome to Mabi,” he said.

    They talked a long while and became fast friends, doing everything from crafting to dungeon delving together. Many more gifts were exchanged between the two as the years rolled on.
  • ElluanElluan
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    edited August 28, 2020
    Scars of the Star


    Silhouettes filled with agony, despair and resentment fixed my feet in place like a bottomless swamp. I could not take a single step. Six, seven, eight…trying to enumerate the party seemed pointless. My knee fell as the figures of distant memories surrounded me.

    Instead of the owls that usually filled the Soul Stream, their voices echoed in my head. The endless stream of noise caused my head to ache as I clutched my head in hopes of relief. The past that is full of regrets. The present circumstances that could have been better. The future they could have lived, but couldn’t, solely due to me...

    Their resentment, along with my frustrating helplessness.

    What was the point in saving the Goddess? Saving the entirety Erinn? If wasn’t able to save its people. Or maybe I could. I just didn’t care enough for them then. I felt disgusted with myself. The darkest of the endless abyss: is this where I belong?

    “... Milletian, no. Please…”

    A familiar voice flew towards me. It turned into a refreshing stream that swept everything away. Fixated on my countless regrets, I realized I was alone after the voice called for me.

    “I promised you… that I will stay by your side until the very last moment. Are you really going to… give yourself up and make me a liar…? Don’t… put yourself in such hardships. You shouldn’t bear alone in the darkness… Come… come back towards the light. I am waiting for you right here…!”

    I look up and see a man standing in front of me. Curly blond hair and bright blue eyes - the figure I loved so much. He put his hand up in the air and a light surrounded my body.

    The unbreakable shield of trust shined brightly in the dark.

    IGN: Elluan
    Server: Alexina
    Word Count: 297

    Comment: I was trying to rewrite my favorite part of the mainstream missions. Talvish is the love! Wanted to put the spoiler alert in case there's someone that hasn't done G21 yet. 300 words were too little by the way. Could have written like 10000 words about how cute Talvish is!
    Aaaand forgot about the word count so edited!
  • etrietri
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    edited August 28, 2020
    IGN: Luckborne
    Server: Alexina

    i was watching videos about decorative soap earlier


    It was the little things that the Milletian appreciated the most in life, more than any grand bout of heroism.

    Little things, such as sampling another one of Altam's baked confectioneries as another day passes idly by in Avalon Gate. The squire's training schedules were set, the budget drafted up and passed onto Shuan to look over, leaving not much else to do but continue to wait for intel on their next move. Although, he worries as he plucks a nice, plump, cinnamon roll off the tray offered to him, if he keeps indulging like this without doing much training himself, well...

    He shudders to think of what Avelin would say if the Milletian started getting a bit plump. Maybe he should run some laps after this. Yeah. Laps sounds good.

    "Wait, wait, wait--"

    "Yes?" The Milletian responds, taking a nice chomp out of it.

    "That -- I was just saying that wasn't food!"

    And that wasn't a soft, warm cinnamon roll he was sinking his teeth into -- it was hard. Soapy. The revulsion of decorative soap sweeps across his taste buds and he gags hard, once, twice, before fishing out the chunk he carved out from his mouth, the taste still lingering in his mouth. Gross. It looked better than it tasted.

    Altam winces. "You're... the second person to try eating that today."
  • SpkrSpkr
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    Idk if deadline is up, I'm tired and it's late. If it is or not, at least I tried.

    My kind of boss
    Story by: Spkr from Alexina

    The voice echoing through the land spoke up again, challenging us to meet him. My heart skipped slightly, out of fear or excitement, I'm not quite sure. The same noise we've heard before suddenly sounds off again. Looking off to the corner of the pen we're in, the gate appeared once more. It looks like a giant wreath, but it is adorned with antlers scattered around it. The only thing showing that this isn't your regular seasonal decor is the swirling mist emanating from the center of it.
    The rest of the party turns to their animals to strengthen the bond that they share before we all meet the owner of the echoing voice. Someone is even kind enough to play some music to inspire us into fighting with all we have. I stand before the mist, waiting until everyone slows and stops to signify they are ready to face the boss of the area. I reach my hand into the mist, and before we all know it, we get teleported to a new room.
    It's easily 5 or 6 times larger than the previous rooms, but that's not even what gets our attention. Right before our group stands a being like I've never seen. He has a horse body larger than my stallion, but where his neck would be is the top half of a dark elf man. To top it off, he even had deer antlers on his head.
    "Okay, now after his shields go down, we need someone to jump on his back and hold on until he tires out!" the leader of our group yells over to everyone.
    I smile as I think of all the animals I've had to work with before, "Don't worry, I got this..."
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    I enjoyed reading everyone's stories. :)
  • CMKyriosCMKyrios
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    Posts: 220
    Thanks for all of your submissions everyone! We'll get back to y'all by next Wednesday after we read all of them and let you know our favorite entries for the contest.
  • VixillaVixilla
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    Name: Vixilla
    Server: Alexina
    I didn't realize these needed to be approved, I apologize for the extra posts! I kept realizing I forgot one more thing aaaa.
    The Renowned Milletian

    “One paper crane… two paper cranes… rats! It’s no good…”

    Vixilla dropped the broken handicraft kit to the ground. Edern’s eyes narrowed. “You seek my renown, proof of your skill in the ways of crafting… and yet you break a handicraft kit after a mere two cranes? Pitiful.”

    “Folding paper is hard!” Vixilla threw her hands up in the air. “I can’t do this!”


    “Now now,” a soothing voice cooed, “perhaps there’s some talent to be had here after all. I’m quite impressed with your ability to break things, Vixilla. For just as there is creation, there is also destruction.”

    “And that’s a good thing?”

    “To be frank, I just think breaking things is really cool,” Eluned said. Edern shook his head in disappointment at this remark.

    “There is no pride in destruction, damaging a crafter’s work in such a way… shameful! If she cannot earn my respect through crafting, then she should be put to work. A part time job would do.” Endelyon, overhearing conversation, sheepishly poked her head around the corner.
    “I-if it’s a part time job you’re after, I could use some help at the church!” Vix pondered her request for a moment.

    “!summon TootMcScoot!” Vixilla shouted toward the heavens. In a burst of light a golden scooter appeared before her. The three NPCs were unphased. Vixilla stuck her head into ScootMcToot’s bag, assessing his wares. Curious, Edern and Endelyon peered around the front of the scooter. This time what they saw alarmed them. Piles upon piles of eggs, barley, wheat! All harvested ahead of time, as if in preparation for this very moment!


    “Incredible…” Endelyon was amazed at the gathering prowess of the Milletian.

    “Surely this is enough to satisfy you?” Vixilla wondered aloud.

    “It’s a bit early. Please come back at a later time.”
  • SyphikiSyphiki
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    IGN: Syphiki
    Server: Nao
    A Haphazard Heart

    When I was called to Leifon’s homestead, I wasn’t expecting anything different than what I had already seen before. The man had already plastered countless amounts of Party Pineapples in this once barren wasteland, so what ridiculous décor plan could he possibly have under his sleeve this time?

    ...Wait. Don’t tell me he won that stupid bet? Was he actually going to use the entire guild budget to make that one statue that claimed – in his words, not mine – that Alchemy was supposedly “the superior talent?” Gods, I hope not. If that were the case, I would have to revoke his precious Royal Alchemist title away from him. Make him cry a little, ya know?

    Leifon yanked my arm the moment I was within reach, and we darted through the snow together. And though I couldn’t read his expression, his panicking told me everything. What was on his mind? Why was he going so fast? I felt bad, but it was getting on my nerves...

    Eventually, he did skid to a stop, but he placed us in front of a tree that I didn’t remember him planting the last time I stopped by. I assumed this was what he wanted to show me, but he jerked me around and told me to close my eyes.

    I hated guessing games, and Leifon knew this for a fact, but…

    His actions definitely caught me off guard.


    He greeted me on one knee with a bouquet in hand. Granted, he sneezed on them like three times and could barely keep his balance, but his intent were obvious.
    Leifon said I couldn’t couldn’t stop crying when I accepted his love, b-but don’t listen to him; he’s known to be the guild’s big fat liar!

    ...What? S-stop staring at me like that!!
  • CMKyriosCMKyrios
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    edited September 2, 2020
    Hello everyone!

    We had a great time reading all of your stories. This was really fun, and we can definitely see how challenging it was to fit a story in just 300 words (a few of you sadly went over that limit). We picked out our favorite entries from each server and are happy to share them below! The boxed reward for this contest is the new Modern School Uniform Box!

    Nao Grand Prize Entries
    • Sapphira19 - A cute dialogue with a pet owner and their many pets.
    • Lint - A comical account of one's tireless farm for event currency.
    • Taffyta - The Milletian meets an old man who has a request in a field of sunflowers.
    • Kenkosama - A Milletian's dilemma with the littering during events.

    Alexina Grand Prize Entries
    • Alaguesia - A story of a struggling Pet Trainer.
    • Luckborne - A curious Milletian tries a new local (soapy) cuisine.
    • Jinshou - Unfortunate circumstances as a result of not paying heed to expiring contracts.
    • Kelepii - Why do we fall? So that we can learn, to pick ourselves up.

    Nao Runner-Up
    • Kimi - The life and rebirth of a Milletian.
    • Eik - Taming of a new pet Ceraunus.
    • Adeno - The story of a brutish warrior who returns to the lull of music many (game) years later.
    • Lecia - The story of a returning Milletian reuniting with their friends.
    • Tiki - The struggles of miscalculating how much event currency you neet ft. SAO event.
    • Fayewind - The story of a happily wedded couple who met in Erinn.
    • Alchemy - A haiku about Rabbie Phantasm.
    • Nulana - A tale of one's solemn thoughts in the aftermath of dealing with Ruairi.
    • Sarin - A retelling of a daunting night encounter during a commerce run.
    • Xavien - A Milletian steels themselves before the encounter with Kerune.
    • Mikala - One's saddened tale of how they couldn't marry their first crush.
    • Bellia - The whimsical encounter between a Milletian and a needy imp.

    Alexina Runner-Up
    • Kimroku - An encounter with fascinating creatures from another world and a sentient bus.
    • Sorapandora - A Milletian's wonderful day with boss-summoning boxes.
    • Andromedaz - Reads like an existential crisis.
    • Avellane - A cute story of two adventurers who grew closer over time.
    • Spellianna - The tale of a family's attempt to conquer the Dragon Boat Races.
    • Minalon - A Milletian's existential understanding of how adventurers see Fomors, and vice versa.
    • Fairyvoice - The start of an adventurer's new budding friendship.
    • Elluan - The trust and bond between Milletian and the mighty Talvish.
    • Pionya - A pet owners dilemma dealing with little friends jealous of one another.
    • Imlilnikki - Growing concerns of rampant invading fuzzy dogs.
    • Ginchi - The story is in the title itself. Waiting for the anime adaptation.
  • AdenoAdeno
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    Oh wow, I won something, thanks haha! Today I actually just ranked up to 1 the two music skills I left at R7 back in 2010, Music Knowledge and Composition :D Now I can fulfil my musical fantasy life (with some sword slashing action here and there) :)
  • MusicatMusicat
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    The Meow congratulates the winners. Nice job.
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Oh hey! I didn't think my trashy tale would actually be a winner lol.
    Good job everyone!
  • AdenoAdeno
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,595
    Posts: 139
    I sure enjoyed opening the boxes haha :) Thanks again! :D

  • MegasoulMegasoul
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    : O thank you!

    Also because I was confused at first (since I'm used to the mailbox being used for forum events), to anyone else the rewards are in the cash shop item window this time.
  • MinalonMinalon
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    So they are! I was just about to send in a ticket, myself. Thank you for pointing out the location.
  • FluoretteFluorette
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    Yay!! Congratulations to all the winners! <3