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Will There Be a Halloween Event?

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in General Chat
I just got back after 10 years of being away from the game, but I do remember the fun that I had during the Halloween event in the past where zombies attacked Dunbarton and they were still very hard to kill. Has there always been a Halloween event in the game from 2010 to 2019? I still have my skeleton costume and pumpkin heads that glow lol! I'd love to experience Halloween in the game again.

Also, do you think the Saint Guardian Armor set will be available again via gachapons or events? They look pretty cool (aside from their awesome stats) and I'd love to get a set for my character. Of course, I can't afford them yet in the game (Nao server) as they cost hundreds of millions, so I was thinking gachapons might be the answer, within a certain budget of course lol!

Also, aside from Abyss and Saint Guardian Armor sets, are there any new "Super" armors from Korea that might come here to the US version of the game?

Anyway thanks for any info!