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Mabi Lagging after latest update? (Nao Server)

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edited November 21, 2020 in Help
Hello fellow Nao players!

So after having been away from Mabi for some months due to the Covid and some other factors I come back about a week or so ago and Mabi's gotten slow on me. Granted I have the same laptop and internet connection as I did before but both are still really good and were playing optimally before this latest update. Now my response time is slow and it's been really hard to check out the dungeons.

Items are slow to respond to being moved, attack commands take rather long to be acknowledged, etc.

I've disabled Nagle and am currently using the ping tester on the wiki and I'm shocked at the values I'm seeing. It ranges from a low of 200 and goes all the way up to 900 at times. Currently averaging around 400-500.

Am I the only one facing this? None of my in-game friends seem to be going through it, and as far as I can tell my anti-virus isn't effecting Mabi either. I have also done traceroutes to the servers (apparently located in Seattle).

Considering the dungeons are why I love this game, I would REALLY appreciate some help!

Hurrikanen is my IG name.
  1. Is Mabi lagging for you currently? (Ping times 200+)5 votes
    1. Yes
       80% (4 votes)
    2. No
       20% (1 vote)


  • GretaGreta
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    Can agree, i'm on Alexina though. So i guess Nexon downgraded servers or something LOL.
  • mereekoomereekoo
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    I'm on Alexina as well and I've also been experiencing the same thing as well
  • NamoorNamoor
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    Yeah Mabi lags a lot lately for couple of weeks now. It starts around tuesday and last until server maintenance. I usually have not much problem eventhough i play from the EU. Mostly happens midday (EU time). Strangely no lag during server peak times. Possibly they got issue with ISP. Sometimes ipconfig flushdns/release/renew commands fix it but not always.