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edited July 15, 2021 in Art Creations
post whatever you want me to draw
doesnt have to be mabinogi
idc lol

i'll draw whatever you post

(i will most likely draw you in what style feels best sorry if it's just sketches and doodles)


420 #lit - Doin' freebies yee haw (-:

Historic updates.
29-January-2021: Putting on pause for a smidge - I really want to go back and edit the others ones for practice. :<

Considering doing commissions in the future, but I need to kill time atm. Hope someone out there wants to gamble and see what I produce of their character.
27-December-2020: Doodling for the holidays, finally off of working this Holiday week. Hoping I don't get called in the coming week. Post your pic, I'll draw you! No payment necessary, esp. if you're in Alexina (haha, you get it on the house you poor soul). I take gold tips, but will still draw you if you post since I will (hopefully) have the time off to play around. Happy Holidays!

28-December-2020: lol let me know what art style suits you best, I tend change it best on mood & feeling of your character.
07-January-2021: I keep all drawings here:
Any inspiration or advice helps; I'm still learning so thank y'all for posting.
08-January-2021: If I draw ya' and you want me to clean it or color it please let me know, otherwise everything is just going to be scribbles lol


STILL DOING FREEBIES! (-:, let me know what type of style you like - heads up - my art isn't the cleanest. Ask me to clean/color and I'll definitely do it.

Gonna do 'description-specific-commissions' for gold if you want quality - message me your discord and I'll chat with ya.
Art dump references:

- Will do w/e the hell you tell me to do, no limitations
- I work/drive an average 50h/wk please be patient with me
- If you're Alexina you get it for free lol
- All art is yours to do whatever with - edit it, pay someone to fix it, use it for whatever. I do this for fun, not work