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Exploration quest: Tower stone statue

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Hiya! I've been doing a few exploration quests around Iria for fun. But, having an issue with 'Find the Tower Stone Statue buried in sand' quest where you're supposed to use the Cold wind L-rod to dig up part of the tower in Longa Desert. I found something that isn't showing up when using the rod, so tried moving the sand since still getting 4 beeps. But, game keeps showing 'You can't change the landscape here.' Really need help since I don't know what's going on, and really wanna know what it is I found.


  • FluoretteFluorette
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    I tried looking for the tower back in the summer, but couldn't find it no matter what.
    The quest says it's found between the north and east Mana Tunnels in the desert. The problem with this is that the Oasis is located in between those two tunnels. When the Oasis was added, the Stone Tower was likely eaten up by it.

    Safe to say this one can't be completed unless somebody here lays some knowledge neither of us are aware of.
  • ookieookie
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    if i remember right you might wanna try to focus more along the Eastern side of that into the deeper sand (not near the edge) me...when you do find it the frustration is only beginning because if you're not fast enough with the cold wind l-rods the tower will rebury itself...keep using it until it's fully visible ...but, first things first...are you elf, or human...make sure you're using the correct l-rods for your race...this from the wiki...

    "When purchased from Hagel, the Cold Wind L-Rod can only be equipped by Elves, but can be purchased and stored by Humans. If an Elf-allied Human talks to Hagel with a Cold Wind L-Rod in their inventory and at least level 5 Exploration, he will allow them to exchange the Elf-only L-Rod for a Human-only version.

    Important: The Land Maker action will only work for an allied Humans, however, the L-Rod Exploration action will work whether a Human is allied or not. Also, a Human-only Cold Wind L-Rod cannot be stored on pets, whereas the Elf-only version can be."

    basically, be sure you use the correct cold wind l-rod, and use the Land Maker only after you've allied with the Elves (if human)