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Trade Restrictions?

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in Bugs and Glitches
Anyone know how I can fix the bug where it restricts my account from trading, dropping... even selling? I can't do anything. I purchased $5 NX last night with my paypal to check to see which email my account is under. Is this a normal thing or am I glitched? This really sucks as I can't progress or get rid of anything in my inventory. Thanks.


  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Hello, you may check if this answers your question.
    NX Credit Restrictions for Mabinogi purchases
    GM Kryndax -
    3 months ago Updated
    For security reasons, there are restrictions on how NX Credit can be spent. Below you will find specific restrictions for Mabinogi. When completing a purchase from the Cash Shop, your character's total cumulative level is shown in parentheses.


    Update 2/13/20 - When NX Credit is purchased for the first time on an account and when certain other criteria are met, a 7-day restriction timer is started on the account. If an item is purchased in the Cash Shop during this timed 7-day period, the account will be restricted from certain trade-related actions in-game. Players will be notified in-game when attempting the restricted trade actions.

    Please note that this will not affect any prepaid purchases.

    You may receive an error indicating that your character does not meet the level requirement to purchase an item with NX Credit. A character's total cumulative level must exceed the level requirement when attempting to purchase an item with NX Credit as some items have an NX Credit level restriction. An item's level restriction can be found in the item description in the cash shop. Using NX Prepaid does not have a level restriction.

    Booster Packages, Enchant / Repair Protection Potions, select Homestead items, and Hairstyle Storage Coupons cannot be purchased with NX Credit until a character has reached level 30.

    Dyes, select Potions, Extra Equipment Slot Coupons, and Dragon Summoning Scrolls cannot be purchased with NX Credit until a character has reached level 100.

    Eweca Orb Gachapon and Reforging Tools cannot be purchased with NX Credit until a character has reached level 300.

    Gachapon, select Reforging Tools, Inventory Expansion Coupons, and Character Name Change Coupons cannot be purchased with NX Credit until a character has reached level 500.

    Some limited sale items such as the Forgotten Tomb Key Exchange Ticket and Forgotten Tomb Key Exchange Ticket Package cannot be purchased with NX Credit until a character has reached level 5000.

    The Pet Adoption Medal cannot be purchased with NX Credit until a character has reached level 32,000.
  • bkun13bkun13
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    This very thing happened to me... It's restricting dropping "branches" from kicking trees, and have nothing to do with NX Premium shop items... and the canned script responses are also not ideal for customer support. The NX Trade Restriction copy/pasted policy memo has nothing explaining why you can't play the game in the most BASIC way for a whole WEEK... *yes, I am quite frustrated*

    Literally, cannot drop "branches", "Quest-Related Items", nor sell "eggs" gathered from hens, in-game. *Imagine our frustration for a minute*

    Expected result: Can sell junk to NPC shops. Can drop "branches"... oh, and can turn in something like Quest Item "Trefor's Pass" to the Alby Dungeon Altar to complete a Tutorial Quest... that's given by an NPC, in-game! Very core features of playing the game anytime.

    Actual: 7 days of torture due to very OVER-Restrictive "Trade Restrictions" that include extremely common actions for in-game play, and NOT based on NX anything at all. Seriously... kicking trees gives you a "Trade Restricted" branch you can't drop on the ground, or completely unable to do a solo Tutorial Dungeon Quest because you can't GIVE(sic, drop) the altar a Quest Item, for a week? Very unfriendly, in my humble opinion. Definitely not something any player should have to endure, new or otherwise, after making a first purchase.

    If this is anything less than a showstopper-level bug in the Trade-Restriction code, then it is a very poor design element, and needs to be seen as an enhancement case to improve the most basic of UX root issues I've ever seen in any game... bottom line. I, personally, would be quite embarrassed if I merged any code that was expected to inflict this much anguish on a customer/end-user. A week to wait to do basic actions to play the game AS INTENDED without paying a penny on NX shop stuff, is a week your valuable players would find another game ASAP.


  • AgentJeanAgentJean
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    I just ran into someone asking for help getting into a dungeon saying they were having this issue. I didn't believe them but I dropped a gold coin for them anyways.

    I guess the lesson is, Buy a Karma Coin gift card off PayPal instead of giving Nexon a credit card.