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looking for ppl to play with !

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in Nao Chat
hey everyone, i’m new here and by new, i mean SUPER new. i have never played this game, ever. my only mmorpg game experience is elsword way back in maybe 2015 and genshin impact currently if that counts, but it’s starting to get boring... i saw screenshots of this game and thought it looked fun, so here i am!

but i don’t know anyone who plays this game and i’d like to keep playing, but it’s only so fun on my own, and not going to lie... T__T i kind of don’t know what i wanna do or what to do? i’m still pretty confused even how to look cool like everyone else lol (still in my starter default clothes...)

SO if anyone wants to play with an extreme noob (and i mean extremely, pls don’t get frustrated with me if i’m slow, i’m trying to get used to this game ;;) and answer dumb questions, please hmu... i’d really like to get into this game, but talking to ppl in game is kind of intimidating and none of my friends are interested in this n__n my in game name is birubirubiu !! thank u


  • KatzuyoKatzuyo
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    edited February 5
    Hey I tried adding you but its not working for me, Are you sure you spelt your ingame name right? But anyways I'd love to be your friend and give you the limited info and knowledge I have and run stuff with you. Feel free to add me ~ Katzuyo
  • NepheIeNepheIe
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    edited February 18
    The friend list is currently broken for new players. I just started again on a new account with a friend who is also totally new so yeah...gotta wait it out.
    and honestly, I prefer dumb questions to no questions at all and dragging around a reluctant friend...well he improved though and likes the game now so it's fine xD
    Once the friend list is fixed I'll add you :D

    Also, meanwhile try looking for a newbie friendly guild, it helps tons~