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Event Heads-Up! 2/25/21

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in General Chat
Hey, Milletians, it's that time again! The notice for this week is going to be a short one as the only thing ending this week is the Valentine Shards Event! Stay logged in for an Erinn day (36 minutes) and get a Valentine Cookie Box! You'll get a random sweet to fill your Cooking Collection Journal and a Valentine Gift Coupon which you have to manually stack to ten to get a Spirit Transformation Liqueur (Sweet Valentine). So basically, if you put that Liqueur on a spirit weapon, you'll be hitting your enemies so hard, candy will come out!

Valentine Shards Event:

That's all for this week! Happy Gaming, Everyone!



  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    One more round of 36 minutes and I shall obtain that liqueur! Always cutting it close on these login events.
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    I ain't even bothered about events I miss or don't understand. Not after I missed out on having on erg 35 and didn't understand how to complete the event that gave out skill achievement passes. I just don't care that much anymore. It also didn't help that they did those events during master plan - when I was focusing on leveling and ranking skills.