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Can't Add/Receive Friends Requests


  • fredfred13fredfred13
    Mabinogi Rep: 100
    Posts: 2
    Getting a update on this would be quite nice, I've created a new giant about 2 weeks ago and still can't add/note or really do anything on that tab. Quite annoying for trading or, y'know adding people and even joining a guild.
  • asnscorpioasnscorpio
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,500
    Posts: 394
    edited February 28, 2021
    Well this is something you would still have to wait for an update and emergency update. Also, I believe this is out of NA jurisdiction. It is sent to the tech support which I believe have to send it to KR team to get it fixed up. It should be fixed within the next few updates/maintenances unless it gets complicated. Just be patient. Do remember the COVID does prolong things to be done.

    In the meantime you could write down peoples names and channel search and whisper them still. Sadly you have to be on the same channel and the other person has to be on. Otherwise....this is why people use other chat programs like discord?

    Or maybe do like party board so ppl can see where you're at and what channel? -shrugs-

    Hope this helps a little bit to getting by until the fix.
  • azurskiesazurskies
    Mabinogi Rep: 410
    Posts: 2
    Just an update, the issue is still going on, except when I messaged Nexon, they never informed me that it was a common problem. Just "there may be an issue with your friends character, and immediately closing the ticket, lol.

    Luckily all friends I invited are on Discord but this is baaaaad, and it's been going on for two months now...
  • KatherzKatherz
    Mabinogi Rep: 21,585
    Posts: 1,593
    Hi, this issue should have been fixed with today's maintenance.
  • Katherz wrote: »
    Hi, this issue should have been fixed with today's maintenance.

    My girlfriend now has this issue, who has played for over 5 years, AFTER the maintenance. So the issue is not resolved, just moved the issue it looks like.