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For anyone on the fence about playing again

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edited March 25 in General Chat
Yes, you should. I just came back after a like, 2 year hiatus? Game is great. Still tons and tons of content to play, there's been some more QoL changes, a lot of free items for both new and returning players (I've gotten like, 2 extra free pets and a free inventory bag already?), and the community is still very great. I'm on Alexina even, the "Dead" server, and by my 2nd day I got recruited to a friendly guild with about ~10 active players almost any time of day, and I keep running into people at dungeons everywhere. Was doing some quests and found people at Alby, Peaca, Fiodh, and Rabbie dungeon who asked me to join them when I showed up at the altar area. Still a very cool game and from what I hear there are a lot more QoL updates coming and more events down the line. Yes, there are a lot of people afking at event spots but there are still people actually playing the game too.


  • Momma_SophieMomma_Sophie
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    This person does content. Welcome back.
  • GypsySpiritGypsySpirit
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    I have no idea why people say that the game is going to shut down any time soon especially since game streamers are rising up and tons of people still play.
  • HelsaHelsa
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    edited March 25
    ... and Nexon is still dumping time and money into it. The thing is there are two types of "Shutting down". There's the shutting down of the entire game itself and there's the shutting down of a regional install. They shut down Mabinogi EU but Mabinogi itself is still a going concern.

    I wonder why they didn't transfer the European data though. Since Europe's servers had different names, they could have integrated them as Someeuropean+Morrighan or Someeuropean+Macha. Sure, the European players would have experienced all those naming problems, years ago, but only they would have and, given the choice between saving their characters at the cost of headaches, I suspect most would have jumped at the chance. It also would have given Nexon valuable merging experience before the Nao merge. Not to mention, they could have put the characters where they decided and re-balanced the server populations.
  • WolfsingerWolfsinger
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    Helsa wrote: »
    Not to mention, they could have put the characters where they decided and re-balanced the server populations.

    That's actually interesting food for thought. Might have helped smooth some things out as well.
    Well we'll never know now.