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Looking to revitalize my interest in Mabinogi


  • PectylPectyl
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,585
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    edited May 11, 2021
    Would like to say thanks to everyone who commented and another thanks for the great ideas to keep me busy and most of all playing my favorite free to play mmorpg, In hindsight I should have asked this a few years back as I can now see what I could be working forward instead of doing pointless stuff or getting burned out by doing the same thing over and over.
    Mabinogi is a game I been playing since Mabinogi EU shutdown and Mabinogi NA allowed EU players in, and I feel that it's only natural to sometimes lose sight of what's important when you been playing a game for this long.
    I never expected this thread to last this long and gain this many comments.

    Thanks again everyone.

    To any moderator out there, Feel free to close this thread.