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Endgame Chain Blade

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edited July 28 in Feedback and Suggestions
My suggestion is to provide an "endgame" chain blade for players who like chain to work towards. Right now, chain is really good midgame, but endgame the Celtic Howling Chain Blade is mostly used for Anchor Rush or pushing around mobs, not damage.

Some possible stats:

Damage 75~98
Injury 15%~30%
Balance 50%
Critical 50%
Stun 1.8 sec
Piercing 1

Chain Skill Animation Speed 1.5x
Dorcha Acquired From Dorcha Snatch +50%

Unique Upgrade for Endgame Chain Blade

Min Damage +5
Max Damage +25
Durability +4
Death Mark Damage Boost 5% increase
Chain Impale Damage 15% increase

Possible ideas for names:

Phantom Abyss Chain Blade
Lord of Ruination Chain Blade

Crafting materials would be whatever drops they wanted to add. It should be difficult to get (like Perseus/Ruination weapons).

IGN: Exaeta
Server Nao


  • Momma_SophieMomma_Sophie
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    edited July 29
    1. You might want to update yourself on the game's development. There's already a new chain blade coming and it won't fix your problem.

    2. There's nothing wrong with the Celtic's damage. You're using the same Celtic I used before I upgraded. Your problem is that you haven't bothered learning how to expand your utility or damage possibilities. The power isn't all inside the weapon itself. In fact, the weapon typically is a very small portion of it (unless it's a weapon with built-in inherent multipliers like some weapons). You need to look into the following things, before criticizing a weapon's content viability:

    -Combo Card
    -Spirit Levels
    -Homestead Props
    -Battlefield Overture
    -Base Character Stats
    -Damage Boosting Enchants (and not just any kind of enchants; look for Luck-Buff-MaxDamage boosting enchants like Solo and Chorus)

    If you haven't even dealt with 9/11 of that, then you're not going to see good results with the chain blade -- or any weapon. You have to invest game time into character development and understanding game mechanics, too, or you'll be subpar and disappointed even if you swipe your credit card.

    There's also the obvious fact that some enemies simply are not able to be defeated with the Chain Blade on basis of Technical resistances and Mechanical situations. You're going to have to learn how enemies fight and what their weaknesses are and learn how to adjust your Chain Blade strategies accordingly.

    The Chain Blade is slow, that's why there's other talents that make up for it. That's why talents like puppetry and ninja exist. You don't need 6 second animations of high-power chain sweeps to kill town rats in Floor 1. Use Kunai Storm and move on; Use Act 4 and move on. Learn to use what's efficient for a given situation.

    If you want more Dorcha, then Erg your chain blade to 45 for a full bar per swing. Search forever and ever for a Special Eiren Suit. Create and roll an effects on an echostone for Dorcha Snatch effect boosts. Invest.

    Signed, a serious chain blade user who's used it since day of release.