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Updated: List of things that feel Outdated


  • Dra6o0nDra6o0n
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    edited August 31, 2019
    Negumiko wrote: »
    Commerce is also extremely old these days, there is nothing wrong with the system but we need new trade routes. add Commerce in Iria and improve the Ducats shop. does anyone even Bounty Hunt anymore? I rarely do unless I have some Bounty Hunting passes to get rid of. bringing Commerce to Iria would be a good chance to make a few new bandits to Bounty Hunt and some of them could have a more Filia or Vales style bandit homestead.

    as for rafting that river is pretty long. they could extend the rafting route, improve the shop, and fix some of the rafting glitches. it is still helpful for getting likeability pots though.

    Adding Commerce to Iria means revamping Iria to have 'trade routes' setup, which can be interesting if the devs created 'routes' as roads between interesting points as a way to show how Iria went from a wilderness to a 'semi-wild' continent... But I think Devcats would do this only if they got a major content that situates in Iria (like a mainstream plot).

    Currently, G9~G23 are all in Udlah and Belvast. Saga is the only thing that situates mainly in Iria, but doesn't really have the same Mainstream quality as the Generation mainstream questlines (they usually bring in new systems and skills and item sets, or even new game modes).

    I do get the feeling that one of the future Generations will eventually involve Iria more (G23 has quests that takes place in Iria, I haven't progressed that far yet though). Old characters being reintroduced or talked about would be interesting... Mabinogi isn't much about lore anymore... Nao basically went 'meh' with her postion in life(stream) now.

    We could see a expansion of Rafting in another version with air transportation like Airships maybe... It makes a whole lot more sense to do this in Iria versus Udlah (and also as a aid for players who cannot travel via pets)... Sure the moongates and such are really big conveniences, but they can't get you everywhere that easily when you don't have a pet to get to one.

    Airships could function like Hot-air balloon minigames where players ride from major destinations to another, and will need to protect the airship from enemies (maybe involve new Generational content like Wyvern riding enemies with bows and such?).

    Would be interesting to have aerial combat mechanic as well.
    Sherri wrote: »
    WallSeries wrote: »
    g24 max roll reforge fully es erg 50 step7 double ele ego weapons solve everything, yikes...
    hailstorm takes too long to cast??? no problem
    puppet cant tank, die too fast?? no problem
    knuckle long animation and cd??? no problem

    Not worth the time or money.
    Not everyone is a whale you know.

    I think the point is that Nexon is TRYING to invite whales, but wondering where they are all gone... (on a side note: human hunts whales nearly to extinction).

    Whales are a class of their own, like the rich versus the poor, and the powerful versus the lack thereof... They tend to get secluded into their own circles, or lead their own band, or end up alone. In some games and communities, whales are seen as a form of negative influence to game companies in general, in others, they are the focus of attention (fortnite "pro" gamers that livestreams alot and spends a lot of money for example).

    Another problem I see in the game industry these days are the relationship between developers and publishers... Devcat in this case is more of a Nexon hiver... They literally operate under them to a point. They cannot say or do things in general without permission so to speak.

    As a IP, Mabinogi should be passed onto a indie dev group in the future, but utilize better contracts and deals with a publisher (like say Nexon) in order to keep their creative freedom to do things and do things properly (not leave massive plot holes in the game's story for instance).

    With my perception of what Nexon (as a whole) is, currently... They are basically bought out by Chinese influence since half their income comes from China.
  • HardmuscleHardmuscle
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    Hisame621 wrote: »
    So you're ok with Hot Air Ballooning, an entire system that could use teamwork to hunt wyverns, to only be useful for some skill quests?

    Hunting Ice Wyverns is something I used to enjoy doing, alone. Mostly for Exploration Experience, although I did get a pair of Thames Plate Boots once. A long time ago. Then they nerfed it by reducing the number of spawns, and removed our ability to teleport (with a wing) from the balloon back to town. Making the whole process take a lot longer, while taking the fun out of doing it. A party isn't needed if you're equipped properly. Full Ice Enchant makes you almost immune to their attacks. They're very easy to solo for 51+ stars.
  • THICCthighssavelivesTHICCthighssavelives
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    why not just nerf chains???
  • SqueeSquee
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,565
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    This whole game needs an overhaul. I can see why the player base has dropped so significantly over the years. They need to stop introducing new things period and focus on making the older stuff playable. Shadow missions are still very useful as they are still spammable, but things like the apostle raids and theater missions need to be revamped and redone. I agree with everything here. But honestly, every new skillset has been like that. Everyone started using gunner when it was intro'd, everyone started using puppets when they intro'd, everyone was using martial arts when that intro'd, everyone started using chains when they intro'd. Each new skillset seems like it's made to be better, and Chain Slash is just the newest one until something else comes along (I have no idea what they could intro next for skillsets, but I'm sure Chain Slash won't be the last new skillset we see). So far, from what I've seen, Chain Slash doesn't do much more damage than a good trained skillset like magic (well, most of the time since some enemies are immune to magic) and I'm almost at rank 1 in all chain skills (still working on getting Bachram explosion and Raging Spike).

    Honestly, I don't know how I'd feel about them rebalancing all the skills (AGAIN), but it DOES need to happen. The last time they rebalanced the skills it broke a lot of skillsets (Like close combat people having to wait in between smashes). Most of the skillsets just don't do the amount of damage anymore that the game expects you to do to creatures like the Abyss dungeon bosses or the Apostles. I haven't even gotten to G22 or G23 yet, so I haven't done anything introduced in those generations. But we definitely need a major game overhaul. This game just has too much going on and not enough interest to warrant having so much extra crap in it.
  • Hisame621Hisame621
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    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Mana Crystallization bites.
    It's weaker than magic, slower than magic, and it can't even benefit from crits. You can't even speed it up with Vivace and it barely works with Spellwalk (only lets you move with Mana Cryst loaded if you have it active BEFORE loading it)
    And you can't even have a strong friend use their r1 magic to help you if you're low rank, since the power of the crystal is based on YOUR Mana Crystallization rank.

    Campfire would be better if it wasn't disallowed in so many places.
    Also if it didn't cancel every time it ran into a placement issue. (Something's moving towards your campfire.)

    Barrier Spikes also has the same issue. But it also runs into a scaling issue, where the HP a spike has doesn't scale with any of your stats and the spikes itself have no defensive stats. Reflective damage from spikes is also worthless since it doesn't ignore defensive stats, so it hits for 0 on almost every enemy.

    Fusion Bolt woulda been neat if you could chaincast with it.
    Even if that property was exclusive to triple elemental wands.

    Elf Magic Missile...
    I only really see people use this to play around during Raid Bosses, and only for its Ice Elemental version's capability of freezing even large enemies keeping others from hitting it. (Like how Ice Spear used to prevent the enemy from being hit)

    As for Tower Cylinder and Hydra, yes it does boost damage, but the issue with Tower Cylinders is more an issue with "Install Cylinder" and using the Tower Cylinder as an actual Cylinder.
    If it had wheels and didn't cancel Install Cylinder on knockdown it'd be a bit better, but it'd still suffer from a long install time and being incapable of mounting a pet to move from encounter to encounter. Which is almost always the case in most content. That and it's not that strong compared to certain regular cylinders.
    Not like there's a "Perseus Tower Cylinder" or something to upgrade from anyways. Can't even use Elemental Wave with a Tower Cylinder.

    I thank you so much. I barely am able to get back to this post and am grateful to see someone can point out exactly what I am trying to say.
  • BentobunniiBentobunnii
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    Tailoring is in desperate need of an update. It feels like the less important of the crafting skills.