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Nexon Vip for gold

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edited September 3 in Feedback and Suggestions
Can we get tradable vip that can be only sold in the auction house or something ? if tradable nx is still out of the question with people so against it on a game that continues to demand you to pay for the large amount of the content this game produces?
  1. ? just tradable vip3 votes
    1. Yay?
       33% (1 vote)
    2. Nay?
       67% (2 votes)


  • LeineiLeinei
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    edited September 3
    Large amount of content? Were you around back in '08 when you literally couldn't do any of the Mainstream Story Quests unless you had service?
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    edited September 4
    OR you could support the game and buy a whole year for half price during the Black Friday sale on here. Last year I bought 13 months, half price. This year I will buy another year again because I can buy VIP for the price it SHOULD be. Which in 90 day increments makes it $6/mo (roughly) which makes it $75/yr. You buy it at the current price of $15/mo you're ripping yourself off at $180/yr.

    Be smart and wait. Save up a little money and buy a whole year during the black friday sale. Here is when we had it last year:

    (I bought an extra month to account for months that have 31 days, that month will last for years every time I buy a year. It will also account for WHENEVER Nexon has the sale which is not always consistent of when exactly).
  • FluoretteFluorette
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    edited September 5
    have to really wonder what you're doing if you think this game requires you to spend $$ to do most of its content. We just had 2 events going on concurrently that allowed you to purchase premium upgrade stones, enchant repairs potions, etc. Not to mention events throughout the year generally pass out items that keep you fed IF you're loyal enough to do so much as logging onto the darn game.

    I mean, I sure haven't spent anything here in years now; NX has fed me sooooooooo well :D

    EDIT: enchant PROTECTION potions, not repair AGHHHH LOL