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•¸ „ ‹ • * ° * • Empiire Guild Recruitment Is Open

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edited October 5, 2021 in Guild and Party Recruitment
•¸ „ ‹ • * ° * • Empiire Guild Recruitment Is Open • * ° *• › „ ¸•
The guild is 18+ strictly

Our goal has always been to be a family! We emphasis on quality over quantity and making sure everyone has a good time! We have no level requirement's, and welcome every type of player. We have ranges of 1k to 40k total level, players who prefer pvp, and some who like to afk! We do run end game content, and other missions. We do play other games with guildies, and host fun events! We have been quickly building up and gaining members, becoming a fun active community with Discord ! So what are you waiting for? Come join us!
•¸ „ ‹ • * ° * • What we do& offer• * ° *• › „ ¸•

» Run dungeons/shadow missions
» Casual hangouts!
» Monthly drop parties & more events!
» Active discord (Yes we use mics!!)
» r1+ Crafters and Enchanters
» Tutorial runs and full content breakdowns!!
» Helpful tips, and guides!!
» PVP, and much more!