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How to Repair 0 Durability Spirit Weapon

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So I did accidentally unequip it and now I'm struggling to find out how to actually repair it. I can't find a spirit repair potion for non-classic spirit weapons. Do I have any options or do I need to just destroy the contract and make a new contract?


  • HelsaHelsa
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    IIRC you have to buy an item from the web shop that gives it a single point THEN you can do normal repairs. Mind you my memory might be suffering from Mandela effect, so who knows.
  • StormbeastStormbeast
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    Alimorel wrote: »
    spirit repair potion for non-classic spirit

    non-classic meaning the new spirit weapons that have the skill tree can just be repaired at the normal NPCs that repair that weapon.

    If you actually meant classic spirit weapon, you would have to get a spirit repair potion (web shop or baltane boxes) to get points on the durability before other methods of repairing; alternatively, you might be able to convert to the new spirit (skill tree) and repair after that point .