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I would like to request to Nexon a Music Machine

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I run concert's for my guild and have to rely on my guild mates to meet up so I can hear back my scroll's to find mistakes and correct the code so as the music goes as well as i can make it.
Sometimes this is not possible as they aren't always online or what have you and I need to hear everything played back as going over half a million notes does only so much.
I'm asking that a music machine be created for Mabinogi on folk's Home stead without spoiling the magic of everyone playing music together.
This way Composers like myself can listen back without anyone's help and also everyone now has a juke box for their home stead if they want it.

I would suggest that buying it with pon's will not be enough as you will also need the instruments (perhaps maybe) to be built with it(apart from drum kit... just need snare drum, bass drum and cymbals)

This will be a blessing and welcome old Bards back to the game

I hope Nexon read this and finds it a good idea to work with.

Thank you



  • ThomasFThomasF
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    (note, the display can be similar of that of the bard board. Simply put in up to 16 scroll's and select your instrument for the scroll. The machine could also play more than one of the same instrument. This is needed to help the composer)
  • HelsaHelsa
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    edited December 18, 2021
    I just use 3ML. It's a free download. The web-page is in Japanese but it's completely figure-out-able. But doesn't the in-game composing tool let you hear your compositions before committing them to scroll? I don't actually use the in-game composer so I could be wrong.

    Make sure to view at YouTube so you can read the video description; it has the links. The video sounds like some little kid so you'll have to live with that.
  • ThomasFThomasF
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    Not only do I use that software but I have 4 other midi editors and can make drum tracks using them. I don't think you are getting my idea.
    This machine I'm on about can be used as a juke box for people with a HS as a selling point.

    Skilled mml creators could edit many scrolls together and have it play back as a juke box for guild meetings or play song music to visitors ect.
    Composers can use it to double check their MML's as a bonus and benefit for when they do not have a partner to test the final scrolls.
    This can save the composer a lot of time and can get more done for their concerts.

    I understand to use the software. However band remarshals is still needed and this machine will 100% make sure the score is good to go saving a lot of time if you made an avoidable typo or something as it will show up.
    I would find this item extremely handy. I can play the scroll's threw it if there is simply no1 about to jam with.
    I'm skilled enough to edit an 8min song into many scroll's and would enjoy the time making it to hear it played threw the machine.
    Once I'm happy with it I can wrap it up, save it and move on to the next song getting more done because I'm now not depended on others to play the songs with me.

    But, people see it as a cool Juke box if making music is not their thing
  • PearpadPearpad
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    edited December 19, 2021
    As a bard who spent the majority of my time on music in this game - that is such a great idea! I love it! I really really really love it! If I understood correctly, a jukebox you can load with scores and listen to it in the background? It's just wonderful really, it's great for setting up an atmosphere, for checking scrolls as well. It can also allow you as a bard to play your own music and do other things meanwhile, which is mind blowing haha

    And making it a homestead item instead of something you can carry around is actually very smart, because you wont get spams of it everywhere and never be able to play once again haha. I wish I could have something like that. I wonder if the amount of times you can use the scores inside the jukebox decrease.. But regardless. Any bard would appreciate this much. Great idea! Also are there any free spots in your guild may I ask?? I'd love to help you play and test those scores. It's very impressive to me.
  • ThomasFThomasF
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    edited December 19, 2021
    Hi PearPad.
    My guild leader (Kauni) has read what you wrote and asked me to welcome you to hang around with us and become part of the guild.
    We are on the Alexia Server under the name "Prudentia". I send you a PM in mabi hopping you are on our server and reaches you in good faith.
    She knows you may get in contact to send a notes to join. Just say me and you where talking about the jukebox here... She'll know who you are.

    Ty for the interest in the guild and to the jukebox... It really could change the way bards compose the scroll's with a new unique way of making their music for hs while not effecting old methods for running a big concert for the game.
    This is done because you now can put a Beethoven movement into say 7/8 scrolls, put them in the machine and it will play back 8/9mins worth of Beethoven by selecting each of the scrolls on the machine as piano playing all the scroll's and it will come out for 9 mins or so as 1 piano....(Setting tempo changes for this would be melt but very rewarding if done right)

    Think of the Renown point's... it would be soo awesome, and played in someone else's machine the renown points on a x2 event if it happens the stats would go threw the roof.

    I picture the look and design of it looks like lots off different instruments glued and welded together than a traditional jukebox imo.

    A wonder of Erinn, A bards best friend.
  • KauniKauni
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    Yeah, I think this idea is pretty fun for everyone. The jukebox would be a neat idea for both people who are trying to test songs and also for events such as parties too!