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Conflict with new doll bags' system and npc items.

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edited January 14 in Bugs and Glitches
This is related to the new doll bags updates. It's all wonderful, except for the 10 minutes cooldown it has on items not belonging to the player. Specifically, the main problem i'm having is on baltane missions, where much of the gold belongs to someone else when baltane squires make the kill and the pet tries to grab. I suppose it can't, and then, totally forgets about that forever (or 10 minutes, which, i suppose, is more than gold dissapearing time).

Now, i don't know if this is intentionally so that i leave them their gold (not being sarcastic) or to avoid abusing the farming or something...or if it wasn't previsioned. Thanks in advance.


  • StormbeastStormbeast
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    the 10 minutes is mostly to make sure doll bags aren't swiping other player's gold and drops if that player might want them. i.e. you're running a dungeon with somebody that doesn't have dolls. They aren't able to pick up drops until after fighting (usually) so drops from waves 1/2 would be available to pickup by anybody and dolls would have taken everything with the new mass pickups before they ever had a chance.